Olive Garden New Year New Flavors Added to the Menu


As you know sometimes a new year can bring new things. Olive Garden is taking a twist on their classics and bringing new flavors to the menu. They have such a great menu and with the added menu items, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. I will be visiting my local Olive Garden to sample these items and will let you know what we think after.  Continue reading

National Frozen Yogurt Day Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt


Over the years I have always frowned upon frozen yogurt and I do not know why as I have not tried it before but was always hesitant to give it a try. One day I decided to try frozen yogurt and I was very surprised how much I really enjoyed it over traditional ice cream. Are you planning on celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day? 

 In celebration of National Frozen Yogurt Day, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt will offer an exclusive buy-one-get-one (of equal or lesser value) discount to their Facebook fans on Feb. 6. All froyo enthusiasts are encouraged to “like” Orange Leaf on Facebook and claim the offer when it is posted on Feb. 4. Offers are redeemable at all of Orange Leaf’s more than 300 participating locations on Feb. 6 with proof of claim via smartphone or printed confirmation. Continue reading

Gifts for Your Girlfriend


Guys, we have some suggestions for you today.

Your girlfriend is special and the most beautiful girl in the world. So, it is your responsibility to get her the best gift for her.

Today, we will help you with top 5 gifts you can give to her


Remember dates.

This is the best gift you can give her.

For this, you should gift yourself a diary. This diary should have a list of dates such as – first meeting date, first rose date, first date, first gift date, her relative’s birthday and, of course, her birthday.

On every occasion, you should give her a gift or reminder. It will make her feel really special.



Well, this is not the most inexpensive gift you are giving her. This means a lot. In this scrapbook, you can record all your memories and gift it to her. For you, this is just a scrapbook. For her, this is a token of love. So, MAKE one for her.

Photo frame Continue reading

Health Care to Hiring an Infographic


 This infographic  displays what you may need to know if you are interested in the health care field. From schooling needed, responsibilities,  and what the general salary is starting in these positions.  Many people become interested in the healthcare field but have no idea what ladders they need to climb in order to get to the position they want to acquire. Check out the infographic below and the link.   Continue reading

4 Amazing Tips on How to Keep Your Face Blemish Free


Blemishes, be gone! We all have bad skin days. For some of us, they are more regular than what we would like. Blemishes, large pores, spots and redness can all make our face look less than beautiful. Of course, we are all keen to keep spots at bay. It can be tough though.

Luckily, there are some failsafe tips that you can use. You don’t have to suffer a confidence crisis any longer. It’s time to reclaim your beautiful skin. Continue reading

IT Cosmetics New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin QVC Special



It is that time again for a new IT Cosmetics special on QVC. As you all should know by now, IT Cosmetics is one of my favorite all time brands. I love the special deals they hold as they are amazing and if you are looking for some awesome makeup this is the time to grab it as it retails for over $100 if you were to get everything separate after the special is over. Now to remind you this is a ONE DAY only SPECIAL.    Continue reading

MealFit a New Healthy Lifestyle Way of Eating


I have said time and time again that this is my year to make things right by eating healthier and start exercising more. I keep thinking to myself that I am tired of making the same recipes and having the same type of food all the time and not really sure how to cook healthier as I have never done it before. With MealFit into your life you will not have to worry if you do not know how to cook healthy. This program not only will help you change your lifestyle for the better, but you will learn what types of food should be entering your body to make you feel better and be healthy too. Let me introduce you to the founder/creator of MealFit Thomas Cox. Continue reading

Caring for your Tableware

If you own elegant tableware, chances are it spends more time in the cupboards than on your table being used by your family and friends. Maybe you’re afraid someone will damage it, or maybe you’re nervous that you won’t wash it correctly, or maybe you just figure it’s safer in storage. Ease your concerns by learning how to care for your tableware with this guide: Continue reading

5 Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Man Feel Extra Special



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Men love to spoil their wives and girlfriends by coming home with small surprises throughout the year – flowers, chocolates and other little bits. But how can we go about spoiling them back? Continue reading

How To Define Your Personal Statement Style

Some of us often doubt how stylish we are. Looking at others and comparing ourselves to them can lead to doubts over whether we’re looking the right way or wearing the right things. As women, this is one of the worst things we can do for our self-esteem.

Continue reading