Puppy Love: Understanding Your Pet

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While it may be a dog’s life, training up your new puppy won’t be plain sailing let alone a walk in the park! You can both expect to end up in the doghouse from time to time. Dogs are wonderful lifelong companions, but lost of time, patience and effort goes into rearing your pet from an excitable youngster to a mature, caring adult.  

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Can A Smoothie Be Indulgent?


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Let’s be honest: hands up if you have a blender in your kitchen – or in a box in storage – that doesn’t get used much?


It’s the unfortunate rule of health equipment in houses up and down the land. The item will be used for a few weeks, your exercise bike becomes a clothes horse, your spiralizer goes down as a good idea – but one that takes more effort than it’s worth. Your juicer therefore goes into a storage closet, because supermarkets sell juice in cartons and it’s just easier. The product might not be as fresh, but it’s easy – right? Read more


Innovated Trendy Workout Gear Subscription Box


If you have followed me over the years you would know I love different kinds of Subscription boxes. There is subscription boxes for the foodie,  beauty junkies,  kids, clothes and recently I learned they have workout gear.  Subscription boxes I have found to be to be fun as you get so much more for your money and the quality is typically good too.  Let me introduce you to Fabletics! Read more


Glorious Gifts For The Modern Man

Buying gifts can be tricky at the best of times, but when it comes to choosing something for the man in your life, it can take on a whole new level of difficulty. If you’re struggling to come up with anything, and a birthday or anniversary is fast approaching, don’t panic. Here are some glorious gift ideas your modern man will love. Read more


Ford Amazes With Up Coming Entertainment Packages

Ford has announced some amazing entertainment packages that are available in the 2018 Ford Expedition and the EcoSport.  These vehicles are turning more into an entertainment center for the family while on the road than any other vehicle on the market.  Let us dive right into the new advancements that I am excited to share with you. Read more


What Will Void Your Warranty

For the most part it is easy to determine if something will void your warranty.  Other instances are not as easy to determine if your actions can end up causing you to pay for a failure.  While every manufacturer’s warranty is different, there are some general rules of thumb that fairly cross over to each one.  Generally, if you think it may void your warranty it is best to ask a professional. Read more


New Tech Could Make Your Old Car New Again

Has your car seemed to lack the luster that it used to have but you are not ready to trade it in yet?  Advances in technology have provided excellent add-ons for your vehicle that are not as expensive as you may have thought.  Every year new technology seems to be coming out on the latest models.  After that, aftermarket companies find ways to bring this same technology to others while reducing the cost by perfecting the manufacturing process.  Read more


2017 Jeep Compass Changes The Off Road Scene

Jeep looked at how it provided 4×4 technologies and decided to turn up the dial to eleven.  The 2017 Jeep Compass provides two brand new technologies that completely revitalize the game.  Not only that, but does it at over thirty miles per gallon.  How will it stack up against its competitors?  Jeep is willing to bet very well as it is manufacturing this model for over one hundred markets.  Read more


Chrysler Partners With BraunAbility To Enhance Vehicle Accessibility

The Chrysler Pacifica is the foundation of a new project launched between Chrysler and BraunAbility to make vehicles more accessible for those with disabilities.   This edition is being designed to provide major enhancements over the standard retrofit kits that are available for individuals to purchase.  Utilizing aspects from aerospace, automotive, and technology industries the Pacifica will provide the widest door opening with side opening ramp on the market.  It will also provide the most available interior room for the owner.  Read more


Preparing For Road Trips With Your Infant

Traveling with a young child can be difficult.  This is especially true when that child is under one year old.  Utilizing proper forethought and planning long road trip with infants can have their issues minimized.  Of course while this is a general guide, you know how your baby handles drives better than anyone else.  Therefore, it will be important for you to modify this list to suit you and your child’s needs.  Read more