MINI Represents John Cooper In New Editions

Celebrating the spirit of John Cooper and his racing exploits of unleashing the potential of the Classic Mini, the John Cooper Works line provides a new option for four models of Mini Coopers.  The Hardtop 2 door, Countryman All4, Clubman All4, and convertible are the four that have been enhanced.  A more powerful motor is included that can provide up to 228 horsepower. Also, performance parts are used such as transmission, over sized brake systems, and sport suspension. Read more


New Kids on The Block – The 2017 Genesis G90

The new kid on the block in the luxury automobile manufacturer is Genesis.  They have introduced the G90 and G80 for the 2017 year models.  Their flagship vehicle is the G90 and it offers excellent features and a powerful power plant to match.  From the ergonomic seating that is hailed by back and spine specialists to the twenty-two way adjustability of those seats, your comfort and safety is foremost in the interior of this vehicle.  Read more


What Can I Do After An Accident?

Often when you just get into an accident many people do not know exactly what they can do with their insurance.  Do they have to go to an auto body shop or can they make the repairs themselves?  In all reality, it is best in most instances to have your vehicle repaired by a professional auto body mechanic.  With that said there are those that insist that they wish to do the repairs themselves, but can they legally?  There are two major situations that provide completely different results in most instances.  Obviously, please check your state laws as this is a general guidance. Read more


The 2017 Volvo S60 Is Pure Exhilaration

The 2017 Volvo S60 Polestar is a fantastically exhilarating vehicle.  It has the traditional appearance of a Volvo, yet has the ferocity of a wild animal.  This year’s model is much more than the previous year as it provides over fifty updates over its predecessors.  One of these modifications includes an aggressive eight speed gearbox with paddle shifters.  Another is a new Sports+ mode and slotted disk brakes for less weight and better cooling.  Read more


The 2017 Jaguar XJ is Perfectly Refined For All

The 2017 Jaguar XJ provides the best of both worlds when it comes to best in class luxury and a high performance vehicle.  Interior features include excellent technology including connected navigation that provides real time data on traffic, parking services, and fuel prices.  You can also sync it to the cloud and access it on your mobile device.  This technology also allows you to monitor your vehicle through your smart phone and allowing starting the engine and locking or unlocking your doors.  An incontrol Wi-Fi system allows passengers to attach up to eight of their devices to the internet.  Read more


The 2017 Land Rover Discovery Is A Luxurious Dream

The 2017 Discovery blends the latest technology, luxurious comfort, and elegant style that have been trademarks of Land Rovers over the years.  Utilizing its impressive cabin size, this vehicle can easily seat seven individuals while providing high customization.  With folding seats, the driver can expand rear storage up to an impressive seventy seven cubic feet.  In addition, storage compartments are built into that provides useful storage for electronic devices such as tablets.  There is even an option to add a cooler under the arm rest. Read more


Mudpuppy Toys and Activities Make Great Gifts Holiday Guide 2016


While in my search for something unique for my friends’ children this holiday season I came across Mudpuppy. Mudpuppy offers unique, imaginative play products for kids of many ages. I received a few Mudpuppy products and excited to share them with you.



The Magical Unicorn Color-In Puzzle is a fun puzzle geared for kids ages 3+. With 24 puzzle pieces, your child will have loads of fun putting this together and once completed they can use their imagination to color their puzzle in any way they like. There are many different kinds of puzzles to color in, such as an Owl, Cat, Ice cream truck and more. Read more


Adding Glamour to Your Home Office with Scandinavian Furniture




Are you contemplating to give your home office a plush, sleek and sophisticated look and feel? Do you like it to be extremely lightweight in look and feel. Well, there are too many gorgeous and beautiful options to choose from but if you want to make the perfect balance between purpose and aesthetics Scandinavian home office furniture come as the ideal choice. Depending on the location of your home office, you can choose from a variety of designs. If you are thinking Scandi furniture have a typical look lacking variety, you are terribly wrong. In spite of offering some common design elements with a tiny of minimalism in this furniture range you can figure out tremendous variety and diversity. For busy home offices with hours spent on desks to home offices with infrequent use, they just match any requirement. Read more


Whatnot Toys Kitty Club and Zomlings Make Great Holiday Gifts


Whatnot Toys is a unique cool toy store where you can find the best new toys and collectibles. The first to hit the shelf is the scary creepy Zomlings and the cute Kitty Club. With the holiday creeping up fast we want to make sure we get a chance to scoop up some cool toys for our little ones. Read more


5 Degrees That Almost Guarantee a Stable Career


We all want to guarantee a more stable and successful future for ourselves and our families – it’s basic human instinct. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of going to college and studying for a number of years only to find out that their career choice didn’t work out so well because they entered a field with a relatively high rate of unemployment. We all know someone who knows someone who has a degree in psychology but wound up being the manager of a fast food restaurant. If you’d like to avoid such disappointment, consider pursuing one of the following five degree types instead: Read more