Beauty Box 5 Review

What is Beauty Box 5?
Beauty box 5 is a monthly subscription beauty box that has three different monthly membership prices.
Monthly – $12.00 recurring monthly
Quarterly – $30.00 – Save $6.00 recurring quarterly
Yearly – $100 – Save $44.00 recurring yearly
All boxes ship mid month.

What is the loot?
Every month one will get 4-5 samples of beauty products. The products will range from hair, makeup, skin care, and many more. You can also buy products directly from them if you want more of the product. Check out the brands on their website Beautybox5
What was in your beauty box?
I knew eventually you would all want to see what great products I received in my beauty box 5. I will show you the box and then tell you all about these wonderful products.
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Easy Peeling New Face Effect
This is an exfoliating towelette that eliminates dead cells and impurities. Dual action tissue that with micro-spheres for in-depth exfoliation and cell regeneration.
I think this product is wonderful! I took it out of the package and noticed it was a heavy duty towelette! I then massaged it all over my face and making sure that I did my forehead and nose the most.. It has a very cool feeling on your face as you massage  it all over. This really exfoliates well, as I noticed my blackheads were gone! When you are done using it, you may feel a tingly sensation on your skin. The feeling does not last long, and then your skin feels smooth. One can use this twice a week to exfoliate dead cells. Retail value (8 pcks) (MSRP)$12.99  one pack equals $1.62.
Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues
powder-free, oil-absorbing facial tissues, stop shine and remove oil with ease. Gently place the tissue against your face where shine is a concern and softly blot away oil for hours of shine-free bliss!
These do work, I got a little carried away and decided to stick one sheet on every part of my face! You are supposed to use these as a blotter. Blot your face gently around nose, forehead, chin, cheeks ect.. These retail value for 50 sheets (MSRP)$2.99.
Blinc Eyeliner
This easy-to-use, water resistant, no-smudge liquid eyeliner is a total beauty breakthrough! Great for sensitive eyes, contact wearers, active people and summer fun, blinc eyeliner goes on easy and comes off effortlessly. To apply, use the brush provided (or one of your own) and, working from the inside corner of the eye, apply blinc just above the top lash line. To remove, start at one corner and gently slide the liner off with your hand. No makeup remover required!
I think this eyeliner is great for a liquid eyeliner. I never have tried a liquid eyeliner before and was so happy that I had the chance to try it. I found it very easy to apply and thought the brush was perfect size. I love how you can easily wipe this off without makeup remover! Don’t you hate when you mess up and then have to re-do it all over again? Not anymore! With this eyeliner you can fix mistakes easier.
I let the eyeliner dry first before putting on my eyeshadow. This eyeliner is 0.2oz size for  approx retail value on amazon $1.60. You can get a full size eyeliner for(MSRP) $26.00. The colors available are Black, Brown, Blue, and Grey.
The All Natural Face Vegan Eyeshadow
This is a versatile non-irritating vegan mineral eyeshadow. One can apply this wet or dry.
The color that was in my box is called Orange Ice Storm. This color is pretty it has a shimmer to it and you can lightly see the orange color. What I really like about this eye shadow is that it is vegan. I never owned a vegan makeup product before! You can apply this eye shadow wet or dry. I dipped my applicator in water and then in the eye shadow the consistency reminded me of a cream based eye shadow. It applied extremely smooth and easily wipes off without makeup remover.. This size is 0.07oz and (MSRP) $3.50
Everyday Minerals Blush
This is a mineral based blush that one can use on their eyes, or cheeks.
I thought this shade was pretty. I liked the Plumberry color. This one in particular is called Girl Friday. This size was a 0.06oz size and approx retail value of $3.52 on amazon. Full size 0.17oz (MSRP) $10.99.
If you sign up and invite 5 friends to sign up you will receive a month free! The total comes to $13.23 for what was in my box for the month. Not a bad deal for $12.00! Check them out at Beautybox5

Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review. Your opinion may vary from mine.



  1. Sasha Cory says:

    Great Review! Can't wait to try some of this stuff out!

  2. Melissa says:

    I think I might have to get my own BeautyBox5 after this review!

  3. Sparkle Core says:

    I loved the BB5 this month I think I'm going to get it again!

  4. MARJORIE7777 says:

    Great review, Loved all you're exciting info xo

  5. A good review. It sounds like a fun monthly box to get

  6. Gia Hammer says:

    The eyeliner sounds cool! No makeup remover? I HATE using make up remover on my eyes. I'm really interested in the vegan eyeshadow though, off to go find more out about that one :)Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Angel F. says:

    That whole beauty box sounds wonderful, Ive never tried liquid liner either, but I would try that 1.

  8. brushes says:

    Excellent review. Love the liquid eyeliner idea. Used liquid eyeliner years ago and loved it, but no need for make-up remover makes it even better. Easy peeling new face effects sounds like a product I would love to try.

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