Pureology Color Stylist Review

Tricia’s Treasures had the honor of being able to interview Natasha Sunshine and get her knowledge of the Pureology Color Stylist line. I reviewed the Precious Oil line already and you can find the information to those products HERE. I will now introduce you to another set of products in the serious color care line. To go straight to the interview with Natasha Sunshine click HERE.

Color Stylist Root Lift Mousse
The Color Stylist Root Lift has a medium-high control level. In addition, the benefits are that it builds noticeable volume at root area providing all day volume and shine. Color Stylist Root Lift will not leave your hair feeling tacky and sticky. Also, it is lightweight and gives long-lasting control to your hair.

How to Use
Apply to clean, damp hair using the direct-to-root applicator or dispense product in palm and distribute evenly from base to ends. Comb through. Blow-dry and style.
My Verdict
When I was a teenager I always put different products in my hair from mousse, gel, and hairspray. As I got older I veered away from putting different products in my hair mainly due to most of the products I used damaged my hair. I decided to give this product a try, as this is a color care product that will not harm your color or damage your hair. I was pleasantly surprised as this product did not leave my hair sticky like I expect. Nor, did it feel heavy and stiff. I really like how it gave my hair nice volume and lift. Furthermore, it did not strip my color or make my hair look dull. This is a product that I see myself using almost daily. I recommend Color Stylist Root Lift Mousse especially if you have color treated hair. You can find where to get these products at Pureology. Amazon has a selection of Pureology products as well.
Color Stylist Silk Bodifier Mousse
The Silk Bodifier Mousse has a medium control level. This Mousse is a rich conditioning formula that adds fullness and volume through your hair. Additionally, it leaves hair soft and shiny
. This product was awarded a beauty award in 2011 for best volumizer!
How To Use
Dispense mousse in palm and apply to damp hair before styling.
My Verdict
I think this product is great. If you want to add body and shine to your hair this is the product for you. I loved how it made my hair silky and shiny while protecting and making my hair more vibrant. The Color Stylist Bodifier Mousse will not leave your hair sticky or feel like you have glue stuck in your hair. In addition, this is very light weight and won’t weigh your hair down. I have very thick and long hair and do not like products that make me feel as if I have a brick on my head! This is another product to use on my list.You can check where to find this product on Pureology or at Amazon
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Color Stylist Illuminating Curl Shaping Lotion
The Color Stylist Illuminating Curl Shaping Lotion had a medium control level. This product is lightweight fortifying lotion that shapes curls and waves. In addition, it delivers 24 hours of definition and moisture. Also, it was awarded a healthy beauty award 2012 for best curl cream.
How To Use
Apply to damp hair and air-dry or diffuse for defined, conditioned waves and curls.
My Verdict
I like this product very much as it did not leave my hair feeling stiff. The scent is not over powering and very light. What I really liked a lot is that it helped tame my frizz. My hair is wavy and very prone to frizz as I live in the hot state of Florida. I always have to find something to tame my frizz away. This is what you may need if you’re looking for something to define your curls while keeping the frizz under control. Additionally, it does not give your hair a wet greasy look. My hair is typically wavy and has a natural curl although; it is not as defined as I would like it to be, this product has helped me put more definition to my curls. If you want to Rock it with this product check out Pureology for your nearest Salon to purchase or Amazon.

Disclosure: I received these products for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review. Your opinion may vary from mine.

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