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Starlooks Starbox is a monthly subscription program  that cost only $15.00. This box  includes 3-4 full size makeup and beauty products. Each box the value is between $30.00-$35.00. This box is one of my favorite monthly subscription boxes. I love how they are boxed up so beautifully and inside is full size products of great quality. I look forward to receiving my box each month to find out what surprises are inside.

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This is the September box. I have expected nothing but wonderful products this month as their previous boxes have been fantastic. Here you can see I received an eyeshadow palette, eye primer, and eye jewelry. On the top is a card that says exclusive offer for our valued Starbox subscribers. Refer just ONE  special person and receive our members only Starlooks makeup bag for FREE. In order to do that one would have to put the name of the referrer in the referral box at checkout. On the right side is the card that comes with each box that explains what the contents of the box are. Each box comes with crystals that add a nice touch to the box. They are supposed to symbolize energy.  Let’s look at each product individually.
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This is one of Starlooks signature eyeshadow palettes. This monographic eyeshadow palette has five full eyeshadow shades and can be used alone, or over another eyeshadow to give it an enhanced look. Each one of these eyeshadows has a white base with different colors of an opalescent tone to make your eyes shimmering. From left to right are the colors. Gold, Opal, Pink, purple, and Mint Green. What I love about these is that you can transform your eyes into a chrome finish when you layer it over a color or highlight your eye by using them alone. This palette is $30.00 that alone is $15,00 over the cost of this whole box. (You see where I am going with this?)
I used my Mally shadow stick in gold color over my eyelid and then applied the Opal and gold above and around my eye to my brow to see what the look would be like. I like how it enhances the gold and brightened my eyes.

I applied every color on this eye to give you an idea of what it looks like. I know it is showing a lot of white but I think it is the camera that makes it look this way. I first used the purple on the inner part of my eye, then I used the pink around the middle of my eyelid, I then applied the opal and put the mint green across my brow bone and towards the outside of my eye.

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Starlooks Eye Primer
I am sure many of you know about eye primer. Eye primer is foundation for your eyes. It will make your eyeshadow glide on easier and enhance your eyeshadow. In addition, eye primer will help keep your eyeshadow in tact longer without creasing your makeup. To use this primer you can use a concealer brush or your finger. Dab just a little on your finger and rub on top of your eyelid. It will be slightly tacky and turn your eyelid slightly white. Do not use to much as it will make it very sticky. This eye primer is not on the site yet. However I am guessing this is around $15.00
The top part is using eyeshadow over the primer and the bottom is using eyeshadow with primer. I used the exact same color for the one without. As you can see here the bottom is much bolder in color and the primer acted like a sponge and soaked up the color and made it pop more. This is how it will react on your eye as well. I highly recommend eye primer.
The eye jewlery that came in the box did not come out well in the picture. However you can see in the first picture a tiny vial they are small Swarovski flat back eye crystals that can be applied on any area of the eye you want. Dab a small amount of glue on the back and place them where you want to wear them for a stunning look.
My Final Verdict
I love Starbox and one cannot go wrong in becoming a Starbox member. As you can see above this brought the box to a total of $45.00 that is $30.00 over what the cost of this box is. For only $15.00 a month you can get wonderful beauty products like this every single month. In addition, you can earn points for every dollar spent. 100 points = 10 star dollars. You will get free shipping as well for anything less than 10lbs. Yes, even 1 item is free shipping. Try them today and tell them I sent you!
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  1. Very nice review. You gave me tons of great info on this company. Never heard of them. Nice pics looks great. Tyvm xo

  2. Great review! I love this box, so much nice stuff! I really like the eye shadow shades…perfect for highlighting and complimenting darker colors! Love the pics!

  3. Sasha Cory says:

    Gorgeous! I'm so jealous. That palette is beautiful!

  4. jennifer says:

    wow amazing colors and nice package

  5. I received the same Starbox and was very pleased! It's crazy how much product you get for only $15. I loved that they included a WHOLE eyeshadow pallete with beautiful colors.

  6. I been hearing really bad things about other boxes but Starbox sounds great!

  7. Dalynn McCoy says:

    What beautiful stuff from them! I only heard about them recently and I think the price is great! Fantastic review, thanks for sharing!

  8. I love those colors, and the price is really great! Maybe I can talk hubby into a subscription for me! 🙂

  9. brushes says:

    Really informative review on this. It really look glamorous and would make me feel like a star.

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