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I was given the opportunity to try various products through this Paris France company Votre Vu. I will tell you a little about the company and then show you the wonderful products I have received.
About Votre Vu

A family of skin care artisans in France sought to create luxurious and effective anti-aging skin care treatments. For 80 years, they custom blended botanically driven crèmes, toners, masques, and other award-winning formulations exclusively for high-end European spas and dermatologists to use in professional skin care treatments. In 2007, an American entrepreneur endeavored to bring the best naturally-based skin care to the U.S market and beyond, but at prices lower than comparable products. Intuitively, he went straight to the ultimate source of prestige skin care: France. There the two parties artisan and visionary were united, and Votre Vu was born.
Votre Vu Bebe Duette Luxe Lips Lip Balm and Tarte D’ Amande Luxe hand cream
The Luxe Lips lip balm and Luxe hand cream come in a two pack. The one I received is the variety pack that is a dynamic duo of moisturizing lip balm that has a hint of framboise (raspberry) and a clear lip balm with almond pie nutrient hand cream. Let’s take a look at the packaging and I will explain each one of these in detail. Both of these products are beautiful and are one of my favorite hand creams.
The Votre Vu Duette come in a beautiful drawstring bag with the Votre Vu logo.
This Luxe Lips Framboise (raspberry) will penetrate your lips and moisturize them. The lip balm is made with coconut; sunflower and premiere pressed castor oils. In addition, it has Shea butter and beeswax which will help protect and soften your lips. This product has a light citrus, natural passion fruit flavor. Additionally, it is infused with anti-aging formulas and UV filters to give you the ultimate protection. The second one is the clear Luxe Lips Duette that has all the same ingredients in them except it is not infused with framboise (raspberry).
I love the design of this bottle. The feature of having lip balm on the top and hand cream below is a fantastic addition to this product. The mirror makes this product even more portable so that you can see while on the go if you need to apply this product. The lip balm is very moisturizing and has a sweet scent. I did not find the aroma overpowering.

If you open the cap that is attached to the lip balm, you will see the hand cream product. This hand cream will leave your hands exceptionally soft. Almond and coconut fragrance will send you off into paradise. This absorbs deeply into your skin leaving your skin feeling smooth as silk. The formula of sunflower, grape seed and jojoba oils along with aloe, wheat proteins, and sun filters for UVA/UVB protection will keep your skin looking younger while making your skin hydrated.

The hand cream is velvety smooth and not overly thick. You can feel your skin being hydrated and it does not leave it feeling greasy. Once applied all over your hands, you can apply a very thin coat over it again to give it extra protection and lock in more moisture to your skin.

BEST REGARDS Hydrating Anti-Aging Sérum for Normal to Dry Skin

Best Regards serum is a treatment for dry skin and when your skin is more prone to be dry and need repair. This serum will repair, regenerate, and relieve continuously. When you wake up in the morning, your skin will feel hydrated, smooth, and rejuvenated. Natural acids, lactic, amino, and hyaluronic, synchronize well together to supply moisture to your skin every hour. Essential oils give this product a subtle aroma.
I cannot describe the scent . However, it smells fabulous. This serum is a cream base and not thick heavy serums like most serums usually are. You only need a tiny amount to get the results you are looking for. (from the website) Apply a generous amount of sérum using your fingertips and gently massage into skin. Use circular motions to apply from the center of the face to the outer edges. Use light, upward movements on the neck and décolleté. For best results, apply Best Regards Sérum Hydratant under your night crème of choice.
You can find all these products and more on their website Votrevue
Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
Disclosure: I received these products for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review. Your opinion may vary from mine.



  1. Love the review, Looks like great products, Tyvm xo

  2. They are beautiful products. I love the hand cream and serum. The serum has a awesome smell to it. I just cannot figure out what the smell is. I even had my family smell it and they cannot pinpoint it either. I want to say it has some notes of citrus

  3. Ali says:

    The lotion and lip balm look very emollient. I appreciate the natural oils used within.

  4. jennifer says:

    wow you know im a lipstuff fan.. and oh wow the hand cream is a winner for me yay congrats to you great review

  5. Sasha Cory says:

    I love their products but that Votre Vu Duette looks fabulous! I want that Luxe Lips Framboise.

  6. These sound like great products! I love how you give such detailed reviews that teach me all I need to know to make an informed decision about the product!

  7. Angel says:

    That raspberry Luxe lips Ive never tried lip anything like that. Honestly I havent heard of Votre vu luxurious til now, and I'd love to try them. Thanks for the review.

  8. Go Bronson! says:

    I had never heard of these either but I should check them out, thanks!

  9. brushes says:

    My lips get extremely dry and lip balm is something the I have not had a lot of luck with. These look like they are worth trying. So unique to have both the lip balm and hand ream in one container. Brilliant!!!

  10. Beauty Solutions says:

    it’s nice post…i like it… good job friend.. 🙂

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