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If you have never heard of Starlooks keep on reading and I will tell you all about this wonderful subscription box that you do not want to miss out on. I have been receiving Starlooks Starbox for several months and it is one of the best beauty subscription boxes that I have ever come across. Let’s get down to business and take a look at this great box!

After I receive my shipping confirmation that my box is on the way, every day I am eager to check the mail to see if my box has arrived. When it arrived I get that giddy feeling that you get when you get excited about something. I rip open my package and forget to take a photo every time with the lovely bow they attach. Next time I promise I will take a photo! This month’s box has leopard print which I love. Starlooks must have known I love animal prints.
Starlooks StarBox is a monthly beauty subscription program that offers 3-4 full size products in each box. For a low cost of $15.00 a month you will receive at least $30.00-$35.00 worth of products and some months it is worth more! You can purchase past Starbox’s on their website. However, if you do not want to skip a month you will want to subscribe to make sure you do not miss out on a great deal. Now it is time for the unveiling of this awesome box.
This month was Starlooks very first semi-customizable edition which I thought was pretty cool! We got to choose between light, medium, and dark. I did not know what to expect with each color scheme but knowing Starlooks I knew it had to be amazing.
Starlooks Customizable Palette
This came with a mix of matte and shimmers to create a variety of different looks. First let me mention to you that some people received their box this month with the eyeshadows smashed. Starlooks is replacing them for people that had that issue. Starlooks wants their customers to be able to switch out their eyeshadows therefore; they do not use glue to adhere the pans to the case. With that said, Starlooks is doing everything possible to ensure this does not happen in the future. Sometimes mishaps happen and we have to learn from it. Starlooks recognizes this and will rectify the situation.
The colors I received in this are from top to bottom. Hint of Rust, Midnight in Mongolia, Coffee Bean, and Void Echo.
This month Starlooks is talking about the “Prime Look” If you do not know what Prime Look is, it is the base makeup everyone needs to create a flawless look before any color is applied. Starlooks believes that with the perfect prime look it will bring your best facial features out making your skin glow and looking flawless.

I applied the top right color (Midnight in Mongolia) over the lid to use as a base. I then applied Coffee Bean in the crease of my eyelid. I used the top left (Hint of Rust) under the brow to highlight and you can also use this on your lid as well. Lastly, I put Void Echo in the corner of my eye to create the perfect corner. These eyeshadow pans can be found on Starlooks and are $9.00 for each color.
My Verdict
I love these neutral colors. I love bold colors. However, after using this set I really love the neutral color look. I really liked how it was a mix of shimmer and matte. Sparkly shimmers have always been a favorite of mine and thanks to Starlooks I now love a mix of both kinds. Sometimes we need to try things before we really know if we like it or not.
For the lips this is a tendergloss which is lipstick and lip gloss combined. This was also catered to my skin tone. This tendergloss is silky and smooth. I never felt a lip product go on so smooth and feel so silky. The feeling I had when I was applying it was like taking smooth butter and rubbing it over your lips. It is hard to describe but it felt like it was melting into my skin. It is very nourishing to your lips. The color is called pearl and I love the color with my skin tone. One of my favorites! This Tendergloss retails for $11.00 on Starlooks.
This is the extra surprise this month. When I opened my box and saw this I did not have any clue what it was. I thought to myself what the heck is this device? Oh neat, something to torture my kids with or my husband! Well, I decided to read the back of the card to learn what this device is really used for. This is for helping you create the perfect eye! No more smudging your mascara over your eyes or face by using this 3-in-1 mascara guide/applicator. The teeth on the end can be used to comb your eyelashes and the other for your eyebrows. I have not tried this device yet. However, I will to see what it is like.
Do not forget Decembers box is going to be a $99 fifteen shade pro eyeshadow palette!!! They are offering pre-orders for December StarBox and this is for subscribers only!! Subscribe now to get your box reserved!! You do not want to miss this chance on an amazing palette!!! You can gift it or keep it for yourself.
Lastly, every box comes with a Mystic Quartz. These Mystic Quartzes give energy and are great for decorating with so you can save them or make things with them.
My Overall Verdict
I am very happy with my StarBox this month. This box came to a total worth without the device $47.00 that is way over the $15.00 that one would pay for this box. Each box is completely worth spending $15.00 for. You cannot go down to your local drugstore and buy this quality makeup for this price. Check them out today and subscribe! Go to their Facebook page and tell them I sent you. They love to know that our reviews made a difference in your purchasing decisions. I hope you enjoyed seeing my box as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.
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Disclosure: Disclosure: I received this item for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review. Your opinion may vary from mine.



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