Slip into Comfort with Bunny Slippers! Review

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Bunny Slippers has a wide variety of slippers available. You can find classic bunny slippers, animal slippers, novelty slippers, character slippers, socks, microwaveable slippers, and more.

                                                 Fuzzy Koala Slippers
I received these adorable Koala slippers to review. I received the adult size which fits most up to a size 10 in adult. The Koala slippers are made with a soft faux fur coat, beady eyes, ear tufts, and a grey nose.These comfortable slippers will make your feet feel like they are covered in a cozy blanket. The insides are soft and cushioned so your feet always feel protected and relaxed while wearing them.
                                        Inside of the Koala slippers
The bottom of the slippers give good traction so you will not skid. Bunny Slippers has men’s, women’s, children’s, toddlers, and baby sizes. In this particular pair, one can get adult and childrens (ages 3-8). Under their FAQ there is a women’s to men’s conversion as well.
You can find many slippers like these Fuzzy Tiger slippers on their website. I cannot find the care instructions for these slippers. However, I would wash these gently by hand or with care in the washer and air dry them. I do not recommend putting them in the dryer as the faux fur may get ruined. Bunny Slippers is not responsible for any damages to the slippers.
Holiday Shipping Information: U.S. Customers order by midnight (PST), Sunday Dec. 16th for Christmas delivery.
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You can find their animal slippers HERE 
What slippers do you like?
Disclosure: I received these for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review. Your opinion may vary from mine.



  1. Those koala slippers are to cute!

  2. Do you know how happy I was that they come in adult sizes, yes my kids will get some but I think they are so cute I want them too.

  3. So cute and I so need these. Its so cold here, Great review xo

  4. my kids would LOVE those (and secretly I would too hehe)

  5. brushes says:

    I love all of them but the bunny slippers are just adorable!!!

  6. Okay my husband just thought I was crazy so I ordered my own Christmas present ;o)

  7. You will love them!! They are so cozy.

  8. they look comfy.. i wear 11's i hope they got them in my size

  9. The tiger slippers are too adorable!

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