Hello Oral Care Products Review!

Disclosure: I received these items for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review. Your opinion may vary from mine.

Craig Dubitsky is the founder and CEO of Hello oral care products. Craig thought it was time to bring a friendlier side to oral care as other brands tend to discuss killing and fighting germs. Hello products are designed by BMW group DesignWorks USA. The products are not delivered in typical packaging, they come in this cylinder shaped box which I thought was pretty neat! Hello oral care products are 99% natural with no alcohol, no artificial colors, and chemical free! I was recently given the opportunity to review this line of products and I am pleasantly surprised how great they are.

Hello Mouthwash
Hello mouthwash is 99% natural with no dyes, chemicals, alcohol, or artificial sweetners making this mouthwash kid friendly! The bottle is elegant with its pear shaped design. I received the pink grapefruit mint flavor to try and found the taste pleasant as it was not over powering in mint or grapefruit and left my mouth feeling fresh! Hello mouthwash comes in four friendly flavors such as Mojito Mint, Pink Grapefruit Mint, Supermint, and Sweet Cinnamint.

Hello Toothpaste
Want to get rid of the old toothpaste tubes that get squeezed all over your bathroom sink? Also, half the time you can never squeeze the rest of the toothpaste out and when you do it goes everywhere because you’re trying to use both hands! I have the perfect solution. With Hello toothpaste soft touch tottle (Combination of tube and bottle) stands up and is medicine cabinet friendly. Each tottle is packed with a little extra toothpaste (no extra cost to you) because it is difficult to get every last bit of toothpaste out of a bottle. Hello toothpaste contains fluoride which is known to help prevent cavities. In addition, Hello toothpaste is made with a special type of silica that helps gently polish your teeth, unlike other brands that use harsh chemical whiteners such as hydrogen peroxide. I was not sure how I would like the flavor of supermint, as I do not typically like strong mint flavors. However, this toothpaste is the opposite and not strong at all. I like the coolness feeling that it leaves behind and makes my mouth feel fresh and clean.

Hello Breath Spray
If you are looking for a good to go breath spray that does not leave an after taste or strong flavor in your mouth, this may be the right one for you. With Hello breath spray it will leave your mouth feeling fresh every time. I received the mojito mint to try and I was thrilled that it was not strong in flavor or leaves a bitter after taste. I would have really loved to try the sweet cinnamint as cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors. With the twist to lock function on the breath spray you do not have to worry that it will spray out in your purse or pockets. In addition, this breath spray does not contain any harsh chemicals or alcohol and is 99% natural. This breath spray comes in Mojito Mint, Supermint, Pink Grapefruit, and Sweet Cinnamint.

Hello toothbrush
All of Hello’s toothbrushes are soft bristled so that it is not rough on your teeth. Hello believes in treating your mouth gentle and friendly. The toothbrushes are made with biodegradable corn resin and recycled consumer plastic. When I first saw the toothbrush I thought to myself this looks like just a regular toothbrush. I let my daughter use it and she said she likes the handle and how soft the bristles were on her teeth. Moreover, my daughter said she liked it over her other toothbrushes. Hello toothbrushes come in colors green, pink, blue, and red
All Hello products can be found at your local Walgreens, DUANEreade, and Target.

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  1. Sasha Cory says:

    I just love how pretty their packaging is, lol. Of course I like that their products are all natural as well.

  2. Rita Von says:

    I haven't heard of them before this review. Thanks, I'll have to check them out!

  3. Mellissa says:

    Wow I have never heard of this product. It sounds great though and I LOVE their packaging.lol

  4. Nicole A. says:

    Nice packaging. I like how the breath spray looks.

  5. I love the toothpaste container. though I do have to admit I am cheap enough to cut my tubes open, lol. Like that they thought to pack extra in theirs so maybe I won't have to.

  6. Alaina says:

    How neat! I would love to try these!

  7. Julia says:

    What a great set, I had never heard of the "Hello" brand, sounds excellent! Would love to try it, thanks for sharing!

  8. angie says:

    Great review thank you for sharing all of this great information on this new product.

  9. Cyndie says:

    I need this for my sons oral care

  10. Melinda Dunne says:

    I haven't heard of these products but I like the fact that they don't have harsh chemicals in them.

  11. becca112971 says:

    cani just say love the name of this product

  12. Mel Cole says:

    So nice to have oral stuff in one kit. Awesome product!

  13. That sounds wonderful! Never heard of seen these products before and I love that they are gentle, but still does the job. I want some too. I love the packaging. Definitely cute and catches the customer's eyes. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  14. corinne1989 says:

    I really love the packaging and the name (very clever!). Haven't seen these yet which is strange given how eye-catching their packaging is!

  15. This is a very nice kit to have.

  16. Nova S says:

    Wonderful review. I like how the kit looks so neat and durable

  17. Marms says:

    Sounds like an effective set products.

  18. amiableamy says:

    First of all, I love the packaging 🙂 so unique and I want to try these products. Thanks for sharing.

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