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777 e-Cigs specialize in a variety of e-cigs such as starter kits, ladies signature series, disposables, eHookah, and more. In addition, they sell an array of e-liquid flavors. When i was given the opportunity to try Triple Seven e-cigs I was excited. I cannot tell you that if you are looking to quit that this will definitely do it; however, I have found that it helps tremendously with the cravings. I have not entirely switched to just vaping but I do enjoy vaping as a supplement to regular cigarettes. I have tried various other e-cigs and honestly none of the other ones gives me the satisfying feeling like this one does. 777-ecigs was extremely generous in providing me with a few different models along with a variety of e-liquids. I would have thought that by the amount they sent that it was the entire stores supply! Thank you 777 e-cigs!!


As you can see here, 777 e-cigs sent me a ton of products. This is only partial of the e-liquids that was sent. I believe it was around 45 flavors that were sent to me. Top left and right picture is the Triple Seven bullet starter kit which includes 1- 320 mAh Battery, 1- Re-Fillable 1.3ml Tank, 1 Wall Charger, and 1 Owner’s Manual. Left is silver and the right is black. Bottom left picture is the ladies signature design series. One is pink and the other Swarovski crystal. I have not had the chance to try every flavor; however, I can tell you a few of the flavors that I have tried and are very tasty.

Each E-liquid comes in 15ml bottles for $7.95, which is a steal as most bottles come with less and charge approximately the same price. Berrylicious Lemonade is my favorite flavor as it has a nice berry flavor with a subtle hint of lemon. (My must have flavor) Coffee is my husband’s favorite flavor. If you like rich coffee flavor this one may be for you! Just remember no cream and sugar flavor with this! I found the coffee one to give a big throat hit and slight after taste. Chocolate, watermelon mojito, strawberry, chocolate banana, and very berry were among my favorites.

(From their website)

The Triple Seven Bullet is a non-flammable electronic atomizing device to give you an experience similar to conventional tobacco cigarettes. It utilizes advanced microelectronic technology to atomize a liquid into an inhalable vapor that simulates smoke. 777 e-Shisha & e-Liquid is formulated from the highest quality natural nicotine extracted from tobacco plants and food safe ingredients, it is available in 42 flavors with nicotine strengths from 0-18mg.  The Bullet tanks also work with our USB Passthru and our standard batteries.


The device comes in two pieces. The top piece is the battery component and the second is the tank (bullet tank)  The Bullet tanks can be filled with e-Shisha or  e-Liquid which contains a solution of nicotine (or 0mg non-nicotine) water, food colorings, fruit and tobacco extracts, propylene glycol and Vegetable glycerin. The Bullet tank contains built in atomizers, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required.


The e-liquid comes in a bottle with a dropper. Twist off the mouthpiece and then gently fill along the side of the tank. Make sure you do not go over the fill line or you may get a mouthful of liquid when you vape. (I have done it several times).



Once you put your liquid in the bullet tank screw the bullet onto the battery and now you are ready to vape. This device has a battery safety feature to prevent activation of the device when you do not want to use it. To turn the device on is very simple press the button 5 times continuously, the LED light will flash, press it 5 times again, and it will turn it off. When you want to vape just hold the button in and vape and release button.


With the ladies designer series they work differently. They do not have two pieces to the device and only use the cartridges that are prefilled. You simply take a cartridge such as the one above and screw it onto the battery. Once it is screwed on, you can just suck in like a traditional cigarette. I have tried this one and I like this as well. I prefer the bullet as the flavor I am addicted to come for the bullet one and not the designer series.

As I have said before I love this device and use it all the time. There is many advantages to vaping than smoking traditional cigarettes. You can change flavors in just a few seconds if you do not like to vape the same flavor all the time. In addition, No flame, No Second Hand Smoke, No tar or carbon monoxide, Ash free No Smoke odors in your home or on clothing.


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Do you vape? and if so what flavor is your favorite?



  1. Cyndie says:

    I have heard a lot about vaping and I appreciate all of the information you have shared.

  2. Julia Potvin says:

    Great Review, I had never heard or seen this brand e-cigg before, thanks for sharing all the great information. I know a few people who could benefit from using this system!

  3. Melinda Dunne says:

    I really like the concept of the 777. I don't and haven't been a smoker but one of my friends is and she would love this. She would be able to use it in the car without causing a 2nd hand smoke situation with her kids.

  4. jennifer378 says:

    I am glad you found a product that works for you. I will forward this to a friend of mine because they are trying to quit. I think they would really like the ones that are easy to change out.

  5. Michele says:

    I really need to either quit smoking or cut way back! I did try something like this but it didn't work for me since it had to be plugged in!! This one seems to simulate holding a cigarette which makes more sense–I also like that it is battery operated-I would probably go with the Ladies designer one since I tend to be a klutz!!

  6. Angela says:

    Ok NOW these are stylish!!! I like them a lot. I really need to look into some new companies for ecigs. Thanks to your review I think I will have to check these out.

  7. Now that is a lot! That's a good alternative against smoking cigarette.

  8. jennifer henry says:


  9. Nova says:

    I bet that is one helpful product for those people who wants to try a cigarette but without inhaling the nicotine.

  10. aemcgregor says:

    My husband and I don't smoke but I want my dad to try to so he'll stop smoking already.

  11. healy088 says:

    Thanks for the information. Will share this to my hubby, he maybe interested of trying this.

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