Review: Birthday Party at Build-A-Bear Workshop

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Build-A-Bear Workshop is a place that will bring out the kid in everyone! My children love stuffed animals and what they love more is the animals at Build-A-Bear Workshop have loads of personality. My youngest son was turning 6 and Build-A-Bear Workshop allowed us to have a party at one of their locations close to where we live. When I told my youngest, he was so excited and could not wait to go.


Once we walked into Build-A-Bear Workshop, we were greeted instantly. Since we were having a party, they walked us through each station, which the kids and I really enjoyed as it made the experience special. As you can see across the wall is lots of choices available and in the bins below.


Once you pick your furry friend, you make your way over to the sound station where you can choose a sound that can be put into your animal. There is many cute sounds and they even have One Direction music for the One Direction fans!


We did not get any sounds so the next stop was to the stuffing station. This is where you will be able to pick a heart, stuff your furry friend, and make him come to life. First, we did a heart ceremony and it works a little different from the traditional heart ceremony. I do not want to give all of it away as it may ruin the experience for anyone that wants to have a party at Build-A-Bear.


What I love about Build-A-Bear is the children are part of the whole experience of making their furry friend. Ryan loved helping pump the stuffing into his bear.


Ryan then gave his bear a good hug to see if he was just right.(and it was). Each of the children had their turn as well.


Ryan is enjoying washing his bear to get him ready for his outfit. Build-A-Bear Workshop makes it so much fun for your child and even adults have fun too.



Build-A-Bear Workshop has so many cute outfits to choose that it was hard to decide what outfit to choose. Each child must have tried on 4-5 outfits each on their furry friends before they made a decision.


Build-A-Bear has recently launched their Small Fry line of animals that come in a box that look like a french fry box. How cute is that?? My older son saw them and thought they were adorable so he decided to get one too. . In addition, they have clothes for the Small Frys so you can dress them however you would like.


When you are all done dressing your friends Build-A-Bear gives you this special birthday bear that all your party friends can sign and you can take home.


Now you need to give your friends a name. You have a choice you can have the employees make your certificate for you at the front of the store or you can use the computer and create one yourself. We usually do it ourselves however; this time we let our party associate make it for us this time. The kids told them the names they chose and the certificate was ready for us when we were ready to leave



At the end of the party, we took some pictures of the kids and their furry friends. The picture is cropped to take some out of the photo. Everyone had such a fun time that we cannot wait to go back again to bring some more furry friends home. At Build-A-Bear, they make the experience special and memorable for all. The Build-A-Bear Workshop leader enjoyed every minute with the children and did not rush us through the party.


If you want to have a party at Build-A-Bear Workshop give them a call and book your party! The experience is one your child will cherish and remember forever. You can also book your party online!

Hope you have a Bearytastic time like we did!!

Have you ever been to Build-A-Bear before? Tell me all about it!



  1. Sasha Cory says:

    Awwww, it looks like they had a blast! I haven't taken Xylah yet because she's so young but I'm thinking she should experience it soon. She would love it!

  2. Terry says:

    Build A Bears have been around for awhile now, but I haven't ever tried one yet. Maybe one of these days I will take my Grandkids there.

  3. juttaslenihan says:

    Oh I love Build a Bear! I grew up in Germany and we don't have that there! This makes me want to be a kid again, just so that I can spend one birthday there 🙂

  4. Debarpan says:

    Building a bear is fun,but haven't tried yet 😛

  5. Casey says:

    I have always wanted to try out Build a Bear! When I lived in Myrtle Beach, I remember little kids walking around with cool little "surfer bears" after visiting the BAB at a boardwalk-type shopping center. It looks like you had a great time, and you have inspired me to go back and make one of those little "surfer bears." 🙂

  6. Dawn B says:

    I bet that was fun. When my cousin and his wife got married we all laughed, they drove 2 hours away and went to Build a bear to make bride and groom bears THEN went on their honeymoon, 5 hours the other direction. LOL

  7. I have never been to a build a bear workshop before. But they look so awesome!! I bet you can get the cutest stuffed toys there. I want to find one now!

  8. Cyndie says:

    Build A Bear is fanttstic. I want to go there and I am (supposedly) an adult!

  9. starslammed says:

    That looks like so much fun!! I want to take my girls to Build a Bear so bad.. Maybe I will soon 🙂

  10. Gail Abazorius says:

    I love build a bear. I collect bears so I love this a lot!

  11. paulfarrugia says:

    What a great idea! Not sure if they are in Europe?

  12. Alaina says:

    How neat! I had no idea they had all of those stations where you can add sounds and all of that! I cannot wait until my niece is old enough to do this! What a great party idea!

  13. anaudreymoment says:

    They seriously have the cutest selection!

  14. Nicole A. says:

    Love build a bear. We took our daughter there for her 2nd birthday, such fun.

  15. Pam says:

    We have never had a party at Build a Bear but we have certainly visited many times. We have a ton of their bears around our house.

  16. Rosey says:

    I love going to Build-a-Bear, it's an awesome experience for the kids, but I think I like it more for me.

  17. pam says:

    I love the Build A Bears but no grandchildren and my kids are way beyond it, LOL. I remember helping my nephew build one many years ago. Great product.

  18. GrowUpMadison says:

    We loved BABW. I have so many bears in my garage now in a box it's unbelievable. I took Madison there a few months ago and she had a blast. Don't want to go crazy bear shopping like I used to do so she only has 2 bears now but we still have lots of unstuffed ones. I recommend BABW for a beary unique experience.

  19. Melinda Dunne says:

    I have been to Build A Bear. I actually LOVE it as much as the kids do. It is not just a place to get a stuffed animal it is a place to create memories.

  20. mburbage says:

    I've never been to BUild a Bear with the kids it looks like a lot of fun though!

  21. justalittlespoonful says:

    My hubby gave me a Build-A-Bear as a gift when we first started dating. My toddler son has a rough old bear he sleeps with but I think it is time to upgrade him to a lovely Build-A-Bear. Love their workshop!

  22. kristenione says:

    This is adorable! I never realized how detailed the process was at Build a Bear. Looks like a lot of fun!

  23. Stacy says:

    What a wonderful activity to do with you children… and a great birthday present idea. Thank you for sharing, I love all your photos showing the Build-a-Bear process.

  24. Viccy Howe says:

    What a fun party! I love the different stations and the heart ceremony idea. Great for kids & big kids. Thank you, and grear photos

  25. toughcookiemommy says:

    We took my son to Build a Bear for his birthday last year and he had a wonderful time. They really go all out to make kids feel special there.

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