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Solar Shield has been the leader in polarized sunglasses since 1979 and the leading brand doctors recommend to their patients. Solar Shield wants to provide you a shield that is chic, modern and trendy. Solar Shield are designed to fit over your regular glasses so that you can still wear your glasses but protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.



Solar Shield come in many varieties such as fashion, classic, sport, panorama and designer. In addition, Solar Shield has clip-on’s as well. Protecting your eyes from the sun is extremely important and finding a pair of sunglasses that block 100% UV rays can be a challenge. I do not wear prescription glasses but I did test these out wearing them like traditional sunglasses. I found the Solar Shield to be very comfortable and loved how it reduced the glare from the sun. The only difference between these and traditional sunglasses is that these are designed to fit over prescription glasses. The top and bottom of the frames are thicker however; no one would ever know that you do not have prescription glasses under them.

How many times have you been driving down the road and the sun is glaring so brightly that you can barely see in front of you? I have so many times and the visor usually does not help. It is paramount that you can see clearly while driving and you now can with Solar Shield polarized sunglasses as they reduce the glare and provide clearer vision.

Many times you may get a pair of sunglasses and notice that the frame does not block the sun from reaching your eyes from the side of the sunglasses, which means you are being exposed to harmful UV rays. With Solar Shields Advanced UV protection technology and wraparound frames, it prevents the majority of untreated light from reaching your eyes since the frames feature top, peripheral and underside protection.


Taken from Solar Shields website


Who Needs Advanced UV Protection™?

1. People who are exposed to sunlight.
*UV Rays can be harmful to your skin and eyes

2. People with blue eyes or fair complexion.
*Highest incident of macular degeneration

3. People who live in the sunbelt.
*Higher intensity of sunlight

4. People who live or work around snow, white sand or water.
*Up to 80% more UV light is reflected back to the eye

5. People taking photosensitizing medications.
*UV absorption through eyes can cause phototoxic reaction

6. People living or working at high altitudes.
*UV exposure increase 15% for every 1,000 ft above sea level
7. Patients undergoing ocular surgeries such as Cataract or Lasik.
*Post-operative patients are light sensitive up to 1 month after surger


Solar Shields are for both men and women. You can find them in major retailers all over the nation including Walmart, Kmart, Publix, Walgreens, Kroger and more. You can find the list of where to buy on their website here.


Solar Shields is giving Tricia’s Treasures reader a chance to win a pair of fashion Solar Shields.

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  1. Cyndie says:

    Living in the South a great pair of sunglasses is crucial. Love the style of these sunglasses, too.

    cyndie norell9694/gmail

  2. Cyndie says:

    I like TT' on FB


  3. angela says:

    Great review and I love the photos! Are these bulky looking once you put them over your glasses? I would love to get a pair of these for my daughter.

  4. jennifer378 says:

    I spend so much time outdoors running, I need good glasses. Can not tell you how many times they protected my eyes from flying debris. I love the style of these, I have to head to Walgreens tomorrow, I will be looking for these.

  5. Terry says:

    I know for sure I need advanced UV Protection, even in our dreary Pennsylvania winters. terrylee5151 at aol dot com

  6. Terry says:

    I liked your FB Page… terrylee5151 at aol dot com Sunglasses are a MUST for me.

  7. massholemommy says:

    Those are some nice lookin' shades. And you're right – UV protection is super important. I don't think people realize just how important, though.

  8. GrowUpMadison says:

    Living so high up in altitude here in CO I definitely need them. It always seems like the sun is right there with me in the car. 🙂 amandalove1976 [at] outlook [dot] com

  9. LisaLisa says:

    Great review! I love the shades and I'm glad that they too have the UV protection that is so important.

  10. Julia Potvin says:

    I love the style, and the color, very cool looking shades! I live in the NE,we were shades in the summer & winter, snow glare when the sun is out, is blinding! Would love these!

  11. Le-an Lacaba says:

    This is really great for my country, since we live above the equator.

  12. marikach says:

    I always miss out on these because I don't live in the US.

  13. Dov Shapira says:

    I always wanted polarized sunglasses, never knew were to get them. Now I know

  14. Annemarie says:

    I always wear sunglasses – having blue eyes my eyes are super sensitive and I really need UV Protection. Many people don't wear glasses and it is a big mistake.

  15. Rosey says:

    I didn't know blue eyed people were more susceptible to sunlight damage on their eyes. Interesting!

  16. Rosey says:

    I like your FB page (Rosey Marie)

  17. Rosey says:

    I just liked Solar Shield's FB page (rosey marie)

  18. Pam says:

    These look like a quality pair of sunglasses especially with the UV protection. Love the style.

  19. Aisha Kristine Chong says:

    I love that style! Plus UV protection is always needed!

  20. Alaina says:

    I have been looking for a quality pair of sunglasses, ones that really protect you eyes, yet still look good. These, I love! Definitely going to check out Solar Shields!

  21. Liz @ ANIAN says:

    I went to a webinar recently and learned how important it is for eye health to wear sunglasses, so I'm glad you've got a post for sunglasses too!

  22. brett says:

    those are a lot cuter than i'd expected them to be, i like the look!!

  23. UV protection is needed everyday. These sound great!

  24. Those look like great sunglasses! And I always have to have UV protection in my sunglasses!

  25. Sarah Bailey says:

    I love this – it's so nice to see more companies making UV protection as standard these days as well x

  26. bobbiskozykitchen says:

    UV protection is so important. People don't realize that it is for their eyes as much as their skin.

  27. April says:

    Got to have sunglasses here in florida, the sun is so strong!! Always looking for options that will go voere my glasses and still look stylish!

  28. CrazyMom says:

    What a great review.. I have been looking for new shades for a few weeks; I have Lupus and my eyes are very light sensitive, I need them dark but hate that most of them are looking like granny glasses…. These look amazing and from what i can tell are fairly dark, perfect for me, soo will check them out.. Thanks for a great review

  29. Anita says:

    I have these, they are the best things ever. This past summer my son went with the air cadets to help with the Arlington airshow and I bought him a pair. He loved them too, plus he looked super cool!

  30. Karen says:

    That is so cool that they fit over your glasses, getting prescription glasses is so expensive and they dont look that awesome so this would be a good alternative

  31. cynthial1956 says:

    Having a great pair of sunglasses is so important. Yes, they are stylish, but more importantly, they protect your eyes. I wear regular glasses, so I couldn't use these, but my family members could.

  32. toughcookiemommy says:

    It's so important to shield our eyes from harmful UV rays. A lot of people are under the misconception that they only have to protect their skin from the sun.

  33. HilLesha says:

    Those are quite stylish!

    Protecting our eyes is just as important as protecting the skin, but I don't think many people realize this.

  34. mburbage says:

    Very stylish! I don't think people really thing about protecting their eyes all the time, it's really important!

  35. krystal kesson says:

    Nice glasses. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Dawn B says:

    Those look very nice and stylish. I am super sun sensitive and HAVE to wear sunglasses. Cloudy days are worse.

  37. springmount6pack says:

    I like those. I try hard to make sure we are always protecting our eyes.

  38. slapdashmom1 says:

    I'm moving to Arizona soon.. definitely going to need these! I don't think people realize how important protecting their eyes can be.

  39. StacieinAtlanta says:

    I am a fanatic about protecting my eyes in the sun. My entire family wears sunglasses religiously.

  40. Viccy Howe says:

    I have sensitive eyes so a pair of sunnies is crucual (and stops my squinting turning into wrinkles).
    Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway xx

  41. I would be happy to have one pair of these glasses, Advanced UV Protection would be great for my eyes. Good that we have companies like that caring about our eyes.

  42. deb c says:

    These would be great; my eyes are so sensitive to light.

  43. deb c says:

    like you on facebook-debbie coyle

  44. deb c says:

    Like Solar Shields Facebook page-debbie coyle

  45. Jim L says:

    This is funny! Your naught word filter is making all the Sunglasses have their ***** removed!

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