Best Buy Best Holiday Shopping Destination #bbyHoliday13

Disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free
Holiday season is a crazy time of year. Especially right after Thanksgiving when all the stores start their big sales and people are anxiously trying to grab their best deals. Let Best Buy be your holiday shopping destination. With the combination of and their 1,400 stores offers the ultimate showroom to touch, test, try and buy the latest technology. I love the ability to go to the best buy stores and try out their newest gadgets to see if it is something that would interest me. I have always been hands on person where I like to test products first to make sure I really like the item before I make a big purchase. Read More

Super Duper Publications Where Learning is Fun Review!

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Super Duper Publications makes a variety of learning products for everyone. Not only will you be learning but you will be having fun too. Who knew that learning could be so fun? My kids love to learn but they learn so much better when it is fun like a game. I had the chance to review three great products from Super Duper Publications and cannot wait to share them with you. Read More

Elf Magic Savvy Shopper Alert!!!

Santa wants everyone to enjoy the Christmas holiday with his dear Elf Magic Elf friends. He has released more travel tickets for the Elf Magic 10″ Blonde Boy and Elf Magic 10″ Black Hair/Light Skin Girl to leave the North Pole on Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday (Until they are gone!). Visit Elfmagic to purchase your elf and maybe some clothes to dress him/her in before it is to late.
My family is having tons of fun with Elf Magic and we want you to have fun too. At checkout under Source please put Tricia’s Treasures so they know where you found the information. Happy Holidays and hope you have fun with Elf Magic as much as we are.

Cryoow Doll Review and Giveaway

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Have you ever drew a picture and wish you could make it become reality? Now you can with Cryoow! Cryoow stands for Create Your Own doll. The story behind Cryoow is adorable and how it came about is when Nora the owner’s daughter asked one of the tailors if they could create a doll from one of her drawings. Nora told the tailors that it was not fun to hug and kiss a piece of paper and wanted a real doll that looks exactly like her picture and Cryoow was born! Nora has the first Cryoow doll ever created. I received a special opportunity to have 2 dolls created. I was very amazed at the results! Read More

Youthful Skin With Anti Wrinkle Cream



When we reach our late thirties and forties, and even as young as our late twenties, we can start to notice signs of aging on our skin. The face is exposed to all the harshest elements so it naturally shows the strain more than the rest of the body-but no one wants to show a face full of wrinkles to the rest of the world, do they? If you have reached the age where you think young, smooth skin is a thing of the past, think again. Read More

Creative Art with Liquid Chalkers Review and Giveaway

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My kids love to draw and make pictures of all kinds. Most of all they love to draw on windows but we have never found a product that is easy to wash off and has fun colors. With that said, I was introduced to Liquid Paper & Twine. Liquid Chalkers are fun, vibrant, bold and can be used on any non-porous surface (surfaces that do not absorb liquid). Liquid Chalkers may not work on chalkboard or chalkboards that are painted in absorbent paint. Read More

Worx Toys Throttle Review

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Do your kids ever look at their electronic toys and wonder how they work? I know my kids do and this is just the perfect toy to learn about that. A father of two and creator of EDUTECH wanted to design toys that could teach children while having fun. Kids may not even realize they are learning at the same time. I had the opportunity to review the Throttle and what a great toy this is! Read More

The Elf Magic Tradition

If you have never heard of this tradition and you have younger children this may be something cute they could do. Elf Magic is a tradition that has been around the globe for many many years. It ha created special memories for children and their families. Around the holidays we all think of different traditions that we have and usually it involves good old Santa Clause. The Elf Magic is different and can be fun for your children. Children of all ages look forward to annual visits from adventurous Elves. Read More