The Secrets Behind Everlasting Youth

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Did you ever wonder why your celebrity hotshots don’t seem to grow old? Why their faces are still as soft and clear as when they were in college? Well, if you’re guessing it’s some camera enhancements, against-the-light techniques or inch-thick foundations, you are wrong. They didn’t use Photo-shop either, nor have they found the secret fountain of eternal youth. It’s simply five little secrets they always include in their hectic to-do lists.


And go hit the gym. Or the park. Or even the bed, and take your partner with you. Exercise has always been the number one body builder, which promotes countless benefits to your physical and mental aptitude. An hour weight lifting session, a 30-minute jog, or even a whole night of love making proves essential in lowering stress and aging, and it increases immunity and wellness in your body. So why not dedicate an hour to the gym, or just a morning exercise routine to help keep you full of life?


Figuratively, that is. The continuous workout of the mind keeps it alive and kicking, and away from cognitive decline. Don’t just do the usual everyday stuff you’ve been doing these past years. Draw some pictures. Brainstorm great ideas. Plan for tomorrow and the day after. Extend your imagination and think of creative ways to shake up the mood. You could also challenge your thought power with the Rubik’s cube or Sudoku puzzles.


Resveratrol is a compound that seems to hold the key to slowing down time, or at least your aging process. Many groundbreaking researches have proven that resveratrol significantly lowers liver-related diseases, arterial clogging, blood-cholesterol levels and the risk of diabetes. Adding to that is a 40% reduction of brain damage from strokes, and an incredible lengthening of lifespan. And all these wonders only within that bottle of red wine or grape juice. Both of these drinks are said to contain significant amounts of resveratrol. So make it a habit drink one glass a day prior to sleeping.


Relax and take a deep breath. Enjoy the birds in the sky and the music in the air. Studies show that stress accelerates your body’s aging process, like chiseling out hard lines on your forehead. This is because a heavy load of adrenaline and cortisol take a huge amount of your physical and mental well-being. Once stress builds up on you, its siblings named depression, anxiety and unnecessary anger follow. Train your mind to snob the pressure from work, financial problems, unmoving traffic, and other stressors. Meditate at least 10 minutes a day. Or plan out a weekend to do mountain climbing. These activities could just save your life from stress and your forehead from those lines.


The last secret to staying young is treating your skin with a good firming cream. These products shade away and revitalize sagging skin to bring back its youthful glow without the employment of medical procedures such as facelifts. A good tip in looking for your anti-aging treatment is taking note of its ingredients and actual process in restoring youth. You could surf the web to search for a good firming creams such as the products manufactured by Ageless Derma, which work by providing your skin with the necessary nutrients and plant stem cells to do its rejuvenation process. It is best to apply firming cream during night time since it is in these hours when our skin’s absorption of nutrients is at its peak.

So there you have it – the secrets in achieving ageless skin. You don’t need to spend millions to look young. You only need to know what your body needs and what you should avoid to stay healthy and active. It’s not some mysterious elixir you drink to defy aging; it’s these simple practices you follow to stay young. Live a stress-free life and exercise your body and mind regularly. Drink a glass of wine and apply that firming cream before sleeping.

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