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campus book rentals

 When going to school it can be very costly purchasing your own textbooks. Some textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars and at Campus Book Rentals you can get up to 80% off that price! At Campus Book Rentals they offer flexible renting periods along with a grace period so that you can rent your book longer to help you get through. In addition, Campus Book Rentals offer 15 or 30 day rental extensions so that if you need extra rental time you can take advantage of that offer.

 Campus Book Rentals offer free shipping both ways! You can also highlight in your books as if you own them. If at any time you are unsatisfied Campus Book Rentals has a 21 day risk free return policy and you will be refunded. Once you are done with your book drop it in the pre-paid envelope and bring it to your nearest post office for mailing. This ensures that it is sent safely back to Campus Book Rentals

Rent Back

What is RentBack? RentBack is a program at Campus Book Rentals that allows you to Rent out your textbooks that you own to other students which will put money back into your hands. Your one book could rent multiple times and each time Campus Book Rentals will send you the profits! 

operation smile

Operation Smile is committed to bringing smiles and happiness to children. Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity that wants to change children’s lives.  Many children are born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and palette that are affecting them every day. Operation Smile offers free surgeries to young adults and children that have these deformities.  This is where you come in and can help contribute and make children smile. Through RentBack students have the opportunity to direct any amount of their earnings to Operation Smile directly from their RentBack account.  In addition, Campus Book Rentals also contributes and has made the minimum commitment to contribute 80 more surgeries to Operation Smile. 


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