Simple Tricks to Save Money and Your Social Life

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Simple tricks to save money and your social life (1)

It’s no lie that times are tough for many of us; and while the economy seems to be back on the upswing, we are still struggling to keep up with it. It can be difficult to balance your daily expenses, monthly bills, and then still try to maintain a somewhat regular social life. When money is tight, all of a sudden the movies and happy hour with friends becomes troubling and burdensome. But there is no need to worry about having to give up all of your fun times.

 The first rule in money saving is to have a plan. The right spending plan will help you to establish the necessary costs from the fun ones so that you can create a balance between the two. With proper planning and a little bit of discipline, it can be easy to cut back on your superfluous spending and take control of your financial life. Does this mean that you have to give up going out and having fun?

 Certainly not! There are easy ways to cut back on spending and keep up with your social activities without having to worry. If you follow some simple basics of budgeting, you can easily adapt responsible spending habits that allow you to save money and continue living a regular lifestyle.

 Consolidate Your Purchases

 When it comes to entertainment, no one really wants to cut back. But sadly, that is the first thing people think they have to do, and it ends up causing more problems than it helps. If you are smart and have a good plan, there are ways you can combine some of your costs to make budgeting easier. Especially when it comes to entertainment, there are fun and simple ways to make smarter choices that save money.

 For some reason, when we start struggling to make ends meet, we automatically think they have to cut back on our way of life at home. The first thing to go isn’t the heat; it’s always the TV. Whether its a feeling of guilt, or punishment, we tend to blame our TV for our spending habits. But this is where we can easily budget and save money. Paying for phone, TV, and the Internet separately can really rack up added costs that aren’t necessary. One thing you can do is bundle these services to save money. Of course, finding the right package is important. Take your time and browse through sites like to find out just how much you would be spending.

 Have a Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

 The importance of planning and budgeting cannot be stressed enough; but it doesn’t stop there. Sure, it is important to plan out a budget that details your daily, weekly, and monthly spending. But if you become too hard on yourself, you will only become deflated. Many people make the mistake of cutting their spending cold turkey and end up in worse debt or unhappy. When you make a plan, be sure that you are making sacrifices, but also living a life.

 To make it easy, sit down with a recent bank statement and simply categorize all of your transactions. This will help you to determine where most of your frivolous spending is in addition to finding out what expenses are absolutely unavoidable. From there, you can determine where cuts need to be made; or at least where compromises can happen. The trick is to make it a daily habit so that over time you begin to notice the differences in your spending and lifestyle.

 Before you give everything up and seclude yourself from your wallet and friends, try making smaller cuts here and there to reach your goals. All it takes is responsible planning and smart spending to make it happen. Consolidate your expenses and tweak your lifestyle to make the changes necessary to budget smarter and more efficiently. But most importantly, have fun!



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