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Do your kids like to dress up any time of year? Mine do! I have four children and throughout the year they still take out their Halloween costumes and put them on. They love to role play and pretend they are characters in a movie. There are many different occasions through the year that you may be searching for the perfect costume and that brings me to tell you about Mr. Costumes. Mr. Costumes sells an array of costumes for any time of year. Costumes are not just for Halloween there may be a themed birthday party for adults or children that would require your guests and you to dress up. Also, your child may need a costume for a school project. Most stores do not carry Halloween costumes year round but at Mr Costumes you can shop any time of year and find a costume that you can be happy about.



Some of the costumes that are available at Mr. Costumes are colorful Disney kids costumes, baby, children’s, adults, plus size, women’s, men’s, funny, vampire, witch, scary and more. In addition, Mr. Costume has retro costumes that are from the 1920’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, comic costumes, movies and TV, animal, historical and so much more! You can find classic trendy costumes along with accessories to accessorize your costume such as wigs, makeup, hats, masks, purses, shoes, you get the idea they have just about everything possible!

I do not know about you but I love scary things and love scary costumes. I do not know why I love the feeling of being scared but I think it gives me excitement. I recently read a review of a Halloween Horror Night over at Angiesangelhelpnetwork that that showed some cool scary zombie pictures. You could create one of these cool zombies with one of the costumes and makeup at Mr.Costumes.  The Renaissance Medieval Faire is at different times through the year depending on where you live. Many people love to dress up as medieval characters when they go to role play. I was searching for dates and found out about the Faire at Renfaire.com. You can find many medieval costumes to use at Mr Costumes that would work for the Renaissance Faire.

Mr Costumes cares about your needs and if you are unsatisfied you can contact them within 14 days to work out a return. All packages must remain intact with original packaging. Check out Mr. Costume today to fulfill your costume needs. 


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