Top Ways to Keep Teens Busy and Productive During Summer

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Summer is quickly approaching and teenagers are going to want to stay busy for the summer. I know my teenager drives me batty when she is not engaged and productive. One thing I hear most often when school is out is mom!, I am bored!! Ugh the bored word that I dread hearing. Well, I have come up with some ideas on keeping teens busy and productive during summer months.

1. Summer Camp 


Summer camp is perfect for the summer for teenagers as they can socialize with other kids their age and do many things such as archery, canoeing, hiking, swimming and more. Each camp is different and may offer other things, however whatever camp your teenager goes to is sure to be fun and will keep them busy for the summer. You can read more here for information on different programs and camps. 

2. Sports



Get your teens involved in some kind of activity for the summer. Keeping them active in sports is good exercise and can be a lot of fun for them. There are programs all over for summer sport programs that may interest them such as tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, football, and more. Also, some camps may have some of these sports available. 

3. Chores



We all know that most teenagers do not like to do chores. However, it gives them responsibility. I know my children think I am an ATM machine and have loads of money to give them all the time when in fact I do not have money to just give them for laying around the house playing video games. I told my children that if they do chores that are assigned at the end of the week I would pay them a certain amount of money. I think it is vital for kids of all ages to learn the value of a dollar and having them earn it themselves is a start in the right direction. 


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