Campus Book Rentals will Save you Money on Textbooks

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My sister has been going to school for quite some time now and she has to purchase her own books. I told my sister about this program and she is going to start using them when she starts school in the fall again.  When I was going to school, my school would send me my books as part of my tuition. It is not like that for everyone, so purchasing your own books can be very costly. With that said, it is wonderful that there is options of renting college textbooks to help you save money. Just by renting your own textbooks online you can save up to 80% off. Yes, you heard me right 80%!! At Campus Book Rentals, you are offered flexible renting periods with a grace period which in turn will give you more time with the book if you need it. Additionally, there is 15-30 day extensions which Campus Book Rentals can grant if you need additional time. 



 One of the benefits Campus Book Rentals has is free shipping both ways! Shipping can be costly as books are heavy but with free shipping you are saving more money. Another benefit is you can highlight in your books as if you own them.  Campus Book Rentals provides you with a pre-paid envelope which you can just drop your book in and bring it to your nearest post office. Doing this ensures that your book makes it back safely to Campus Book Rentals. If by any chance you are not satisfied with Campus Book Rentals they have a 21 day risk free return policy and you will be refunded. 

Another wonderful program Campus Book Rentals has is called Rentback. Rentback allows you to rent out your textbooks that you own to other students. One book could rent many times which in turn will bring money into your hands. Campus Book Rentals will send you the money you have earned. 


Campus Book Rentals contributes to a wonderful cause called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity that is dedicated to changing kids lives. Children that are born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and palette can affect them daily and Operation Smile wants to change that. With that said, they offer free surgies to young adults and children that have deformities. Through the Rentback program students can choose to contribute any amount of their profits to Operation Smile right from their Rentback account. All children deserve to smile so why not be part of making it come true for them?

Right now most semesters have come to an end. However, now is the time to start thinking and planning on getting your textbooks. You cannot go wrong renting and saving money. Most college students cannot work full time so money is tight. Save today and check out Campus Book Rentals for all your textbooks needs. 



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