Cut Hair at Home and Save Hundreds a Year

Are those regular haircuts trimming not only the split ends from your bob but also the extra cash from you and your family’s budget? Though haircuts are an occasional expense, they are a regular bill for most and when looking at what the haircut total ends up being at the end of the year, it is not a bad idea to find a way to cut costs. While most men and children pay between $10 and $30 for their regular cuts, many women pay between $25 and $75. Though you can hit up a resource like for that once-in-a-while, specialized cut, this is a tall order for the shaving off of a few stray bits here and there, and the savvy individual will want to look below for a few ideas on cutting out the expense of haircuts altogether. Particularly if you are a parent with children who have hair that grows all too quickly, you may want to consider doing cuts at home unless your child’s hairstyle is going to change dramatically.

  1. If it’s a basic cut that you are after, there are a few everyday tools that you might want to invest in if you are going to be doing your haircuts at home. Even investing in a haircut helper for a few dollars is nothing in comparison to the hundreds of dollars you typically would be spending in a year’s worth of cuts. The CreaClip, for example, is a device designed for those who want to give haircuts at home that look like styles straight out of the salon. For a $40 initial investment, you can buy yourself a lifetime of free haircuts that are clean, well done and professional looking. The CreaClip works by doing the job of a hairdresser, scissors, clips and hands all in one simple device. Designed for both long and short hair, and for styles as versatile as bobs, layers, and feathered angles, the CreaClip does what it says it will. It does not require any experience in the haircutting department to be used well, and in fact can even be used by children. If you are in need of a simple guide to be your set of professional hands when cutting hair, the CreaClip is worth its weight in gold.

  2. Trimming or layering your own hair without a handy tool like the above is possible, but you will want to make sure you are armed with the appropriate tools, including a pair of specially designed and sharpened hair cutting scissors, a comb, spray bottle full of water and a good mirror. The worst thing that you can do with an at home haircut is to use dull scissors, so before you begin ensure that your scissors are as sharp as can be, and of course keep them out of the reach of small children. Hair cutting scissors can be purchased for anywhere from $10 to $50 at most beauty supply stores or online from a specialty shop.

  3. Rather than going cold turkey and cutting out all haircuts, consider transitioning your habits gently and going from six or eight haircuts a year to one or two. In the in between times when your fringe is getting a bit scraggly and your ends are splitting, ask a friend to give you a hand with a pair of sharp scissors for a small trim. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference even giving your bangs a quick clip makes on your overall appearance, a change that can transform you from bedraggled to refreshed in just five minutes under the guidance of a steady hand.


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