Fun Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer for Free

 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer for Free PIC

Your kids are almost done with school for the summer, and while they are celebrating, you are left wondering what you are going to do with them every day that will stay within your budget. Summer days are filled with new activities to do and adventures to be had, but many of those activities and adventures cost a lot of money.

Fortunately for you and your kids, there are a lot of free or inexpensive options that you can utilize to keep everyone happy and entertained this summer. When you are ready to head out of the house and enjoy all that summer has to offer, set your Greenburgh home security system and try out a few of these free activities to do with your kids this summer.

Utilize your outdoor space

The best part about summer is the great weather. Finally there is enough sunshine to use your outdoor space and let your kids’ imaginations run free. If you want to, now is the time to make those backyard improvements that you have been putting off all winter.

Create activities for your kids to do in your backyard that will keep them engaged for hours. Let them go on a bug safari, catching whatever they find and helping them create a home for them and identify them. Help them construct a fort. Let them host an outdoor concert. Whatever they wanted to do during the winter, but you did not want them to do it in the house; summer is the perfect time to let them indulge in these activities.

Visit a local hero

There are many free day trips to see the heroes of your community that you can take with your kids. Take them to see the fire station and meet a firefighter, or take them to the police station so they can meet a police officer. This is a great opportunity for your children to learn about these individuals and the important work that they do in the community. Check with your local stations to schedule a meeting, many will often have events for these types of occasions.

Go to a park

Do not underestimate how much fun going to your local parks can be for you and your family. You can make the outing unique each time to keep everyone interested. Plan a picnic for your kids and their friends. Go on a nature walk, having your kids identify plants and wildlife that they see. Some local parks may even have free events that you can attend, check your city website.

Visit your local library

Just because they are out of school for the summer, does not mean that they have to stop learning for 3 months. Most local libraries have free memberships and you can even attend free events during the summer for kids. Encourage them to check out a book each month, depending on their reading level and speed, and then engage them in conversation about the story. Help them learn how to find the books they want in the library and why the books are categorized in that fashion.


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