How to Find the Perfect Bra

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How to Find the Perfect Bra

Here are some tips on something women should be experts in but more often than not are committing the crime of assumption. The perfect bra fit. Most women think that all they need to know is their bra size and knowing that they will always have the perfect bra. Actually knowing the correct bra size and style of bra will give you confidence, comfort, and not to mention look great in any outfit.

How to Find the Perfect Bra

The Mistakes

Most women just find a bra in their size that is in the style they desire; strapless, push-up, etc. The wrong bra could lead to funky lumps, backs being squished up into awkward formations, premature sagging, back aches, and in some cases look like a woman has gained a few pounds.

Women forget to take into account their bodies when it comes to finding the right bra. Our bodies go through changes when it comes to age, weight changes, pregnancy, even some medications or contraceptives change our bodies. This is why women have to take into consideration more than just their bra sizes.

Bra Fitting

Bra sizing is definitely an important step to finding the right bra. Make sure to go to an expert on this. There are many stores that do free bra sizing in any mall. Women should also get fit for a bra a couple times a year. As mentioned earlier, our bodies go through many changes in a lifetime and even a year. Because of this, bra sizes could fluctuate and change over the course of a years’ time. It is important to get fitted regularly

Try It On

Once a woman has been fitted for a bra, they need to shop around and try things on. While you might like the push up bras, a full coverage might be better suited. Trying on all different bra types will help women get a better feel for what bra styles are comfortable for their bodies and what styles they should stay away from. This will also help women decide if they need a bigger or smaller band width or different cup sizes.

Final Test

It is time to assess the bra. While trying them on, look at yourself in the mirror. Are there bulges on your sides or back? Does the band fit smoothly around your body? Does the cup provide the right support for the breasts? If these questions have been passed, it is time for the next part of the assessment.

Ideally, women should try on two different types of shirts with the bra to see how it looks in clothing. If you have ordered bras online this is a more simple task seeing as you have a closet full of items. If you are going to a store to try on bras, wear a tank top or close fitted t-shirt with a button up blouse on top. This way a woman can see how the bra will look with two different shirts. If a bra passes these two assessments then it is likely she has found the perfect match.

Finding the perfect bra is so much more than knowing the number. With a woman’s ever changing body it is important to get fitted twice a year. It is also important to try on many different bras to ensure the right comfort and fit. Women should look and feel good in their clothing and the right bras will get them there.


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  1. angela says:

    Thank you for sharing. I never knew some of this stuff and will be surly trying it for a better fit.

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