Enjoy Alfredo Fest at Olive Garden!

I do not know about you, but I love Alfredo. I do not enjoy making it at home as much as I love eating it at a restaurant. I think it has to do with someone else making it for me. Nothing tastes better than someone else cooking and serving it to you. This brings me to tell you about a really awesome deal at Olive Garden going on right now! You do not want to miss out on this!

Olive Garden is celebrating a limited-time 3-Course Alfredo Fest. Right now, guests can enjoy a 3-course Italian meal that includes their choice of entrée and dessert along with along with unlimited breadsticks and the choice of soup or salad, all for a great deal at only $11.99!
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Introducing Qwikword a New Social Media Experience.

As a blogger, social media is paramount in promoting for companies. Brands use social media to promote their brand and connect with others to let you know what is available. Social media is always revolving and new types of social media platforms are being born all the time. This brings me to tell you about a new social media experience that is different than any kind of social media I have seen before.
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Brylane Home Blackstar Stainless Steel Cookware Set Review and Giveaway!

Cookware is essential in any kitchen, but not all cookware lasts for a long time and eventually you have to replace them. I rather invest in a decent set of cookware that lasts for many years than buy cookware that will need to be replaced after a few months. Yes, I have had cookware that lasted only a few months! My mom received a stainless steel set of cookware for her wedding gift and she still has the set today. I highly recommend stainless steel cookware. As most of you know by now Brylane Home is my favorite place for all of my essential needs as they have such a wide variety of products I can always find what I am looking for at one place. I was given the pleasure to review a cookware set from Brylane Home and could not be more pleased with the cookware set. Read More

Snapware Total Solution to Leaky Containers

Back to school gift gude suggestion
As the school year is approaching, I am always searching for containers to use for my children’s lunchboxes  to store meals in to make easy dinners. My children love fruit and when I pack it in their lunchbox I usually use tin foil and then it leaks all over the place. I like to give variety such as grapes one day, strawberries the next and so on. With that said, I do not want to have the fruit crushed in their lunchbox either. When I received the opportunity to try Snapware Total Solution containers I knew this is what I have been looking for.
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Take half the weight off your back with AIRBAC Backpack Review and Giveaway

 Back to School Gift Guide Suggestion
School is suddenly creeping up and one of the essential things kids need is a good backpack. My kids always complain every year that their backpack is too heavy and hurts their back. Does this sound familiar? You can end up with back problems from putting strain every day on your back. The last thing I want is my children to suffer from back problems from lugging heavy books around. When I received the opportunity to review The Bump backpack from AIRBAC I could not have been more excited.
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Back to School Crafts using Scotch Duct Tape

Back to school gift guide suggestion
It is just about that time when the kids will be going back to school. Everyone is scrambling to buy last minute school supplies and cases to hold the school supplies in. A more affordable and fun way to make pencil pouches for your kids school supplies is using Duct Tape! All you need is gallon zip lock bags and Scotch Duct Tape in whatever design you like. I will show you what I have made using Scotch Duct Tape. Scotch Duct Tape can be used for a variety of things such as making a border around an old picture frame, designing pencil top holders for pencils, creating wallets, decorating backpacks, making belts and more. I never knew how many fun crafts there are to do with Duct Tape until my daughter has told me about it.
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