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Disney World is my favorite place on earth. How many places feel magical the way Walt Disney World makes you feel? It is hard to explain the feeling and the only way I can describe it is once you walk through the gates all your worries go away. I went to Disney three times growing up as a child and I wanted my kids to experience it like I did. For our first family vacation, I thought Disney was the perfect place to make ever lasting memories that we will carry for a lifetime. My kids could not agree more. Since we live in Florida it only took 3 hours to get there. We decided to stay outside Disney property, but very close to Downtown Disney. The first day we went to Hollywood Studios. I took a disposable camera with me that day so I do not have any pictures to share, but I have to say my favorite ride is the Rockin Roller Coaster. The ride is very fast and love the thrill of it. It was the only ride my 5 year old at the time was not allowed to ride (not because of me) but of height restrictions. Oh yes, he loves fast rides! My second favorite ride of Hollywood Studios is The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror.

The Tower Of Terror you sit in a elevator and the elevator launches upwards  darkness until the corroded doors unlock to expose a lengthy hallway inhabited by the otherworldly hotel inhabitants from 1939. Beckoning for you to join them, the spooky specters dematerialize and your skyward journey continues. You will shriek with terror as the elevator freefalls down the abandoned shaft then unexpectedly changes direction and launches back up the hotel. Gaze out through a missing wall 13 stories high as the doors inexplicably open and close to reveal the hotel grounds. As if possessed by some unseen phantom, the lift plummets down and speeds upward over and over again, the sound of cables snapping and metal clanging overhead.  I was scared to death when the elevator freefalled. My butt literally lifted off the seat 3-4 inches! I was clinging on to my husbands arm the entire time lol. Did I ride it again? You bet!!!!! 

Star Tours was another attraction that was one of my favorite in Hollywood Studios. You grab a pair of 3D glasses and experience a flight simulated mission through space flight. You feel as if you are navigating through space. The ride is quite an experience that I will never forget. With over 50 story combinations, you experience a different story almost every time. 

 The next day we woke up early as we had reservations for Ohana at the Polynesian in the morning. Ohana means family and I know Disney they truly make you feel like family and treat you with the utmost respect. 

 100_2262outsidepolynesian                                           Outside the Polynesian Resort.  

waterfallohana breakfast                                                                                               Eating at Ohana was fabulious. It is a character breakfast  so the kids really enjoyed the characters coming to the table and get their pictures taken with them. For breakfast they served hashbrown potatoes, sausage, rolls, scrambled eggs, papaya juice, and Mickey Mouse waffles. They continued to bring you food every time the dish was empty. Next stop was off to Magic Kingdom for a fun filled day!

magickingdomentrance                                                                                         This is where the magic happens. When we arrived we waited until the gates opened. This was very exciting and you feel the magic right at the gates. When I was a child it was a complete different feeling but now I feel it through my children. They could not wait to get inside and experience the magic themselves. 

magic kingdom

 Waiting at the entrance to get in and we had the chance to listen to dancing and singing. We could not wait to visit Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and below we captured some of the ride on a video. Hope you enjoy it.



 cooling down                                                                                     My two girls were feeling warm so they decided to cool down under the misting section. It was not overly hot out which was good but what kid doesn’t like to play in water? 

thunder mountain

 Watching the kids on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I think I rode it 15 times in a row and now it was time for me to take a break! This is one fun coaster it whips around curves at fast speeds. Love this ride! 

We also went on  Splash Mountain which was a really fun ride. No pictures as we used a regular camera to capture portions of our trip. When we go next time we will be mainly using our digital camera so that we have more digital pictures

 castle                                                                                                                        My three beautiful  kids near Cinderella’s Castle. My older son did not want his picture taken but I wish I made him do it. I love this photo! At the end of the night we had reservations at the Crystal Palace for a character buffet dinner.

 Crystalpalace                                                                                       The Crystal Palace is a stunning place to have dinner  This was another character buffet style which we all enjoy. They had a small buffet in the beginning of kid popular food such as chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, few other items that are kid friendly. The other food choices were carved meats, fresh soup and salad, vegetables, fruits, pasta, fish, chicken and more. In addition, you can make your own ice cream sundae!  The kids enjoyed the characters visiting them at the table. 

 crystalpalacetiggercharacterdinner                                        To finish out the night we headed out to watch the favorite way to end a fantastic day! 


We had a great trip and we are excited to be going back next February. We plan on staying in the park next time and getting the meal plan. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading about our trip and let me know if you have ever gone to Disney too and what your experiences have been. 


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