Introducing Qwikword a New Social Media Experience.

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As a blogger, social media is paramount in promoting for companies. Brands use social media to promote their brand and connect with others to let you know what is available. Social media is always revolving and new types of social media platforms are being born all the time. This brings me to tell you about a new social media experience that is different than any kind of social media I have seen before.

qwikword                                                                                                  Qwikword is a new fun and engaging social media platform for everyone. It is currently in Beta which means a lot of the kinks have not been worked out yet, however, from my experience it seems to be working really great so far. I am just learning how to use this social media, but I want to share with you my experience thus far. Let me give you a brief tutorial on Qwikwords. In a sense it may remind you of Instagram, however, instead of revealing a heart you express how you feel when you see a picture. This puts more emotion into your images and see how others think of images as well.




Label 1 is the search bar. This is where you can search for users, sparks, and Qwikwords. Once you put that in you can click the magnifying glass or hit enter. 

2- Sparkflow- This is where it will start the sparkflow of images. Once you click sparkflow you can create a word under the image to label the image with the spark you want. This in turn will then show up in the search bar when you search for that word, user ect. For example see below. 

sparkflowwords                                                           When I clicked sparkflow this image came up. You can choose the word below to like it or choose a Qwikword of your own. 

sparkflowwordbeautiful                                                    Here I chose the word beautiful and created the spark. Now let’s see what happens when we search for beautiful.

searchbeautiful                                Here is all the pictures that match with the Qwikword  beautiful.  The picture I named beautiful is above. You have control of what you want the spark to be. 

Number 3 is create a new spark. 

newspark3                                                         Here you will create a new spark. You can use an image, word, or page/video. You then will be prompted with an image or video to name your spark so users can find your image, word, or video. 

I uploaded an image to show you. 

nailimage                                        I uploaded a nail image and used the Qwikword creative. Was the first word that came to my mind and as you can see under someone used the Qwikword nails. That user has engaged my image which also means I can now connect with him by clicking his profile and following his Qwikwords. Top right corner I have circled where the notifications are. You can check to see who is engaged on your Qwikwords.

Next to the notifications tab is the settings tab where you can change your password and settings. 

findfriends                                     Once people have engaged you and you have started connecting with other users, when you click the find friends tab (circled in red) other users will show up and then you can connect with other users if you want. 


When you go to your profile you can see how many followers you have, how many you are following, your likes and so on. There is also an an award tab on your profile. Qwikword Awards are measured by how many other users liked your Qwikword The word with the most likes for the day/week/month/year will receive an award that shows up on their profile. I have not received any awards yet as I just started with Qwikwords. 

My overall assessment so far is that I really like this new social media platform. I find it easy to navigate once you start playing around. Everything is a learning curve and this is one of those. Do not get discouraged it can be very fun. I hope you all enjoy Qwikwords and connect with me! Let me know what you think!.  

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  1. Samantha Angell says:

    What a cool new app! I can definitely see that catching on with many instagram users. Looks like I will have to check it out!

  2. Michelle F. says:

    That sounds like a fun site. I am going to be checking it out.

  3. Michael says:

    So many different platforms with the goal of becoming the new hip thing. Might wait until this is more established before trying it.

  4. Rena McDaniel says:

    Sounds pretty easy to use although I don't know if I would be able to handle another Social Media account. It is so hard to keep up already but it will probably be something new and fun.

  5. jonathanmcmullen says:

    Seems pretty simple. Its obviously a different experience!

  6. savingsaidsimply says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! I've never seen this social media!

  7. leirs says:

    This is the first time that I've heard of this it looks so simple I will definitely try this soon.

  8. bonniegowen says:

    Haven't heard of this until now. Looks pretty neat, will have to check it out!

  9. Risa says:

    This looks neat. It kind of looks like Pinterest and Instagram combined. Fun!

  10. Kath Rivera says:

    wow, this one looks promising. Never heard of this platform before. I guess a lot of newbie bloggers would like to try this app.

  11. chrissy4gordon24 says:

    I'll have to look into this, looks very helpful.

  12. tohellinahandbag says:

    This seems like fun! I'll have to check it out!

  13. kamomsimpression says:

    Thinking about a new social media platform has me exhausted. This looks cool though.

  14. Geanine says:

    I've never seen nor heard of this social media platform. Thank you for the tutorial I am looking forward to testing it out.

  15. herchelscruggs says:

    I've never heard of it. I love social media so I may have to try it out!

  16. Aisha Kristine Chong says:

    This is the first time I have encountered it – will check it out

  17. I'm always looking for new social media services. This one looks really interesting, so I'll have to look into it!

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