Precision Nuwave2 Induction Cooktop Review

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You may have heard of the famous nuWave that is dome shaped and you can cook virtually anything but have you heard of the new nuWave PIC 2? I had the pleasure of trying this unit out and have to say I love it! I love kitchen appliances and this is one of my favorite appliances that I own. This is like having a personal chef in your kitchen! 


What is induction cooking? 

The nuWave PIC 2 is  comprised of a series of induction coils. These coils generate magnetic fields that produce a warming reaction in steel and iron-based pots and pans. In this way, heat is generated in the cookware and not on the cooktop surface, which is more energy efficient than traditional pans or electric ranges. Induction cooking is the most Eco-friendly way to prepare meals because the method releases no toxins into the environment. Induction cooking emits no flame, so less residual heat is produced in your kitchen. The nuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 remains cool to the touch where the magnetic surface is not activated. 

Additional Benefits 

  • Energy Conversation: By using only 1300 watts. the nuWave PIC2 conserves up to 90% of the energy wasted by traditional gas or electric stove tops. The monthly savings alone on utility bills will pay for this appliance.
  • Safety:  The nuWave PIC2 design requires no coils or open flame eliminating the risk of fire. Automatic shut off features enhance the cooktop safety. Users can take the ice cube challenge! Induction technology warms the pan, but the PIC2 surface remains cool to the touch. 
  • Fast Cooking:  Heating is immediate and temperature is precise with the nuWave PIC2. Features 6 different temperature settings that are adjustable in 10 degree increments. 
  • Light Weight and portable: Weighs only 5.4lbs and is easy to take wherever you want to go that has a standard U.S. electrical outlet. 
  • Easy to clean: Cleaning is a cinch. Easy to wipe off and spills will not stick to cooktop. 


I could not wait to try the nuWave PIC2 so I used it to cook my New York strip steak the first night I got it. I pushed the sear button, start and immediately heard my steak start to sizzle. After I had both sides seared which only took a few minutes as I like my steak medium rare, I turned the temperature down to 350 degrees until both sides were done. You can use the pre-set buttons of low, med/low, med, med/high, high, max/sear, or you can adjust your temperature with the plus and minus signs. Just set it and forget it! Want to throw dinner together in a pot and have it hours later and be all ready? Program your unit for as many hours as you need and the unit will shut off when done!

You can also do stage cooking! Need it to change the temperature at different times of the dish? Program the PIC2 to do stages so that your food is cooked at the right temperature at the right time. No worries, you can enter up to 10 different stages! Mess up when entering the stages or the hours you set? Do not panic you can cancel with a simple push of a button and re-do! Want to put dinner together and have it start cooking at a later time? The PIC2 can do that too! Delay your start time with the delay function. When the PIC2 is ready to start cooking it will beep twice and then start. I seriously think they thought of everything when making this unit.


I found that it did not take as much time as it would have using a regular cooktop on the stove. In addition, the cleanup in the NuWave2 pan is very easy to clean. No scrubbing necessary, you only need to use soap and water with a soft sponge. Do not use the scrubber side! The pan is non stick and makes cleanup a breeze. You are probably wondering is my current cookware compatible with this unit?

Checking your current cookware compatibility is relatively easy. As induction technology is based on magnetic principles, compatible cookware must have an iron-based magnetic bottom. Some types of cookware are made of magnetic metals such as pure iron and others are made by layering the metal in the base. Tri-ply , high quality stainless steel, and cast iron cookware will work with induction Cooktops. Copper, glass, and aluminum cookware will not work unless they have a layer of magnetic properties in the base.

There are three simple ways to check to see if your cookware is compatible. Using a magnet is typically an easy way to check. If a magnet stick to the bottom of the pan it usually means cookware is induction ready. However, there are some instances where the magnetic properties in the cookware may not be strong enough to work efficiently with the PIC2. Another way to tell is put a small amount of water on the bottom of a pan and if the water boils it is induction compatible. Lastly, an induction-ready symbol may be printed on the bottom of your cookware. Check out nuWave PIC2 on their website and see what they have to offer. I cannot wait to purchase more of their cookware.


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  1. Chrissy says:

    That is a really cool invention there! I'll have to look for them.

  2. rmanea says:

    I have seen this on tv and was intrigued.. seems like it makes some cooking easier and quicker.. Thanks for the heads up on this product.

  3. Samantha Angell says:

    This does sound relatively easy to use…I would just be worried about screwing up all my old standby recipes that I know the exact cooking times for!

  4. Risa says:

    That looks so handy! It would make things so much easier!

  5. The Haute Frugalista says:

    looks like a great option! Im not one to cook much but that food look yummy!
    Dee Trillo

    • aryia1 says:

      That is what is great about it. If you especially do not like cooking you can throw everything in one pot, set it and forget it! Dinner will be done hours later.

  6. this would be great for a dorm room. Have never seen a cook top so small.

  7. Risa says:

    This looks like a great product to make cooking easier! Thanks for your review.

  8. bonniegowen says:

    I have never heard or seen one of those. Thanks for sharing so now I know what they are. Looks neat.

  9. HOlly says:

    This would make cooking so much easier.

  10. Liz Mays says:

    That magnet test is really good to know. I'm glad you mentioned that!

  11. alainabethb says:

    I love this! I have been wanting one since they came out, and I learned how handy they are!

  12. michele d says:

    That cooktop looks exactly what I need to make a meal real quick. Great alternative from on the stove.

  13. JaimeLovesStuff says:

    Great review. I have always wondered about these. I actually want one!

  14. MyDomesticDish says:

    Woah! Talk about handy sometimes.
    I know, once in a while, I wish there was an extra damn burner available! induction nonetheless. So much faster!

    Stopping by to leave some comment love from the Dish
    Alysia x

  15. franckxethee says:

    Induction cooking looks like a really nice alternative to regular cookware. It's much more efficient and faster.

  16. unveiltheweb says:

    I've demos of these before and it is really cool. Maybe one day when I'm ready we'll look into. Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Don Purdum

  17. Kimberly says:

    Oh I could have used that when we were living in our basement for seven months during kitchen renovations. we are so tired of slow cooker meals!!!

  18. funmom91 says:

    This looks and sounds nice. I am going to have to check this out for myself.

  19. rochkirstin says:

    This induction cooker looks like a great gift for my mom as she fancies kitchen gadgets like that. It's also great to know that it's energy-conserving.

  20. mamatomanyblessings says:

    That sounds great, it's small enough for dorms too!

  21. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I need to get one of these because looks like they cook great. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I've seen this on TV. It would make a great gift!

  23. Alyssa C says:

    This sounds like a great kitchen gadget, thanks for sharing!

  24. jane says:

    i wanted this thing too before and now i wanted to get one for my mom as a gift! looks very nice in the kitchen

  25. klg1982 says:

    Looks like a great little appliance!

  26. Oh I have been considering getting one of these. Thanks for the info! Looks awesome.

  27. Patranila says:

    Great idea for dorms. I never got the hang of cooking with electricity though. I'm a gas girl.

  28. brijdeepk says:

    even we have the induction cooking without fire and it is much safer without any hazards, we have a cooking range with four stove-tops; but we don't have the surface cooling, one of our friends do have, its much more better…

  29. R U S S says:

    I have to look for something like that. It looks convenient and practical, especially for people who live in condos.

  30. Kath Rivera says:

    We have induction cooker but it's square and flat. I think we don't have this brand here in our country. I like using our induction cooker because it's smokeless and yes it's very easy to use and clean.

  31. Constance Cumbey says:

    I purchased one of these tonight at Walmart. I already owned two earlier versions of this appliance that has for all practical purposes replaced my stove. Therefore, I purchased the NuWave2 as a backup. Supposedly, per the colorful packaging a $30 value Duralon 2 pan was enclosed. When I opened the package at home about 20 minutes ago, surprisingly, the included pan was missing. I believe I purchased the last one on the shelves at Walmart. But the added pan was an attraction as a competing brand was on the shelves for $49.95. Query: Do I contact the manufacturer? Do I take it back to Walmart. I wanted the product pan or no pan, but I would like to have the pan since I obviously paid the $99 plus sales tax, plus 2 year replacement contract? I would appreciate suggestions!

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