reBloom Natural Sleep Drink Review

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For the past couple years I have had trouble falling asleep and I do not know why. I never had this issue before but it is bothersome because it can take me hours of tossing and turning before I can settle down. Most nights I find myself taking two Benedryl to knock me out. After taking Benedryl the night before I wake up very groggy and still feel tired. When I was given the opportunity to try reBloom I could not wait to see if this would end my sleeping problems. 

rebloom                                                                                                                                        reBloom is a natural sleep drink that is supposed to help your body relax and improve your quality of sleep. reBloom’s ingredients include: 

A natural amino acid found in green tea that helps you relax.

A natural compound produced in your body that regulates the
sleep/wake cycle and helps signal you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

The root of a flowering plant that has been used for centuries to
help improve the quality of sleep.

Other Ingredients:
reBloom also contains a proprietary blend of Chamomile, Vitamin E, Vitamin
B-12, Magnesium and Lavender to help you have a restful nights sleep. 

The first night I was hesitant to try a natural sleep drink. I did not know what to expect as far as taste or how it would make me feel. I decided to put my bottle of reBloom  in the fridge and get it cold because it says you can chill it and it may taste better or you can keep it room temperature. The recommended dosage is one bottle which is 2.5 oz. 30-60 minutes before bedtime.  You can take half; however, it may not work as well as taking the full dosage. If you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep you can keep a bottle on your nightstand and drink half of a bottle to help you relax and fall asleep.


Now you are probably wondering what my results are. The first night I took it was on a weekend, and I usually stay up late on weekends, and even though I stay up late I still have problems falling asleep. I took my chilled bottle out of the fridge, shook it up, and took my first swig. I am not going to lie I wanted to spit it out cause it has this weird taste with a tang to it. I did not know if I was going to be able to get it down but I really wanted to give it a shot and see how this worked. I did big gulps and finished the entire bottle. After about 45 minutes I decided to go to bed. I noticed that I felt more relaxed than I have before and was able to drift off to sleep without using Benedryl. When I woke up, I did not feel much different as far as grogginess but that may have a lot to do with going to bed so late. I tried it the next night and went to bed a lot sooner than usual. I have to say I woke up more refreshed than the night before. I would have never thought in a million years that a sleep drink would help me with my sleeping problems. If you have issues with the taste, I have heard others mention that they have mixed it in their tea and that helped them get it down better. It is all personal taste.


Take reBloom wherever you need to go. If you are traveling pack as many bottles as you need. Tired of feeling groggy? Tired of tossing and turning most the night and cannot get a good night’s sleep? Take reBloom!



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