Autographed Make-up by One Direction Giveaway!!


Make-up by One Direction is finally here and has launched in Macy’s stores worldwide! You now have a chance to win one of the collection autographed tins! Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to review the Up All Night Collection Tin by One Direction. You can find my review here Read More

Head Back to School with Fashionable Footwear


Back when I was in school one of the things I enjoyed was getting new shoes. I can remember my parents taking my brother and I out to get shoes every year. We did not have the internet so the selection was not as good as it is now. Now with the internet we have the luxury of being able to find more footwear that our kids may like. I found this really neat website with a great selection of fashionable footwear for kids, girls, and boys. At you can find fashionable sporty footwear for all occasions. Let’s take a look at some of their footwear. Read More

Time to Get Covered America!

Having Health insurance is very important especially if you have health issues or a family with children. A lot of people go without medication because they are not insured and cannot afford their prescriptions.  As a family of 6 for us it is imperative that we have insurance. Something always comes up that one child needs to go to the doctors or needs their well-checkups for school. One doctors visit is $100 just for a checkup. It is time to make sure you get covered!  Read More

Upload Share and Sell your Content on Nibl

Do you enjoy writing stories? Taking photos? Create recipes? Shoot videos? Would you like to receive an iPad Mini, A Fujifilm DSLR camera, an All Clad cooking set, or a GoPro Camera? I have the perfect site for you to earn any one of these rewards! Everyone that participates has a chance to earn them. If you have a video, recipe to share, stories you want to share you can sell your work through Nibl and get paid. You also earn money towards these rewards. Read More

Transform your Eyes with Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while now you would know that I have complained about my eyelashes. I do not like my eyelashes because they are sparse and lack volume and length. I have tried many different methods to make my lashes longer such as buying mascara that says it will increase volume and length. I also tried other fiber lashes and those just did not work either. I always loved the look of false eyelashes and have tried them over and over again to apply them and while I can get my left eye on fine, my right eye will not cooperate and the false eyelashes end up in the garbage because I am not coordinated to put them on. I decided to try another product that I thought would be my ultimate fix for my eyelashes and that was Urban Decay Lush Lash System. You put the serum near your eyelashes twice a day and within 8 weeks you should see the difference. REALLY???? Epic Fail!! I did it faithfully every single day and no growth at all! I became frustrated at this point but have no choice to just accept my short eyelashes. When I saw someone from Younique talking about their 3D Fiber lashes I had to give it a try! How can I say no at one last attempt to have long beautiful lashes? I figure if this does not work, then I will just accept them as they are. Read More

Head Back to School with Essentials from Fruit of The Loom

 Back to School Gift Guide Suggestion
Fruit of the Loom has been in my household for many many years. I always wore Fruit of the Loom undergarments because I always thought they wear well and the most comfortable. My mom is the type of person that finds a brand and sticks to what she is comfortable with. Now that the school season is here again, it is essential to get the things we need or our children need such as underwear and tee shirts. Fruit of the Loom sent me a few items to share with you. boys crew neck tee                                                                                                    The Boys Crew Neck Tee is a short sleeve crew neck that features a lay flat collar, reinforced seams, and is always soft even when you wash it over and over again. In addition, it is tagless so you never have to worry about having an itchy tag against your back. You can find this at Walmart in an array of colors for only $3.47 I love the fruit of the Loom T-shirts as they always look great and are super comfortable to wear. I get them for my children all the time.
boysboxerbriefs                                                                                                                                     Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs provide a super comfortable fit with bands that keep the legs in place. These boxer briefs have a soft waistband and are tag free. My boys like the boxer briefs over the regular briefs and said these are more comfortable.  You can pick these up at Target or Walmart.          Read More

GeckoTech Reusable Hooks Review

Back to School Gift Guide Suggestion
Are you always searching for a place to hang your keys? How about a spot for the kids to hang their jackets or backpacks? I have four children and backpacks and jackets are always tossed aside and don’t even get me started on the car keys! I have always tried to find the perfect spot for my keys so that I do not lose them. If I put them in my purse, it literally takes me 15 minutes to find them. If my husband takes my keys then they could be anywhere! I now have the perfect solution if you are in a similar situation like I am. Have you ever heard of GeckoTech Reusable Hooks? These hooks are pretty neat and have many different sizes to hold different weights. When I first received them, I said to myself no way can these hold anything and it will probably fall off my wall. I was completely wrong! Let me show you all about these fantastic hooks. Read More

Back to School Giveaway Bash!

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Children are heading back to school now or real soon. This is a chance to win some great products to help with kids going back to school.  We are honored to be able to share this giveaway with Tricia’s Treasures readers and fans. Good luck!!


Coupon Crazy Mommy is proud to present the Back to School Giveaway Bash!


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One luck winner will receive the following items: Read More

Classroom Uniforms Review

 Back to School Gift Guide Suggestion
My children have been in school uniforms for three years. When we first moved to Florida and the children were enrolled into school they were not placed in a uniform school. When we moved location in Florida, three of my children were placed in a school that requires uniforms. At first I was not happy about it and either were my children; however, once they started wearing them they really liked it a lot better. I found my children were more focused on schooling and not the clothes they wore. Over the past few years we usually buy the uniforms at Walmart and while they are ok in a pinch the material is not the best. I had the pleasure of reviewing school uniforms from Classroom Uniforms. Read More