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SteelSeries Siberia Headphones

Ultimate multimedia and gaming experiences are created by using realistic output from the computer or game system to your body. The visual experience has vastly been improved in the past several years with vast improvements in monitors and video cards.  To complete the perfect immersed experience a very large portion is how accurate and believable the audio being played is. This is where making sure that you have the right headset comes in, and where the SteelSeries Siberia V2 Frost Blue edition comes in! I have always been a strong believer in utilizing high-end headsets for my computer to complete my gaming and multimedia experience for my notebook.   When I had the chance to try this headset, I was excited to test them as I have loved every SteelSeries product I have used. 

SteelSeries Gaming Headphones

Initially looking at it, I thought the design to look a bit strange as I was used to the head rest being a singular piece.  I must admit that with the design looking foreign to myself, it fits my head much better than my previous headset.  It conformed to my head size fitting quite snugly, allowing for fluid head movements without worrying about losing the headset off my head.  The main aesthetic feature of the headset is the glowing blue LEDs in the outside of both ear pieces.  This is adjustable to a consistent on, pulsing, or off. As well, you can have it variable depending upon the sound level going through the headset.  This can be adjusted in a software suite I will discuss later.  Since my notebook desk is in my bedroom, I have also found this as a nice nightlight when I go to bed in the event I get up in the middle of the night. 


The most important feature of any headset would be the sound that they produce.  This headset uses 50mm speaker drivers that produce a solid range of audio from fairly low to the highs.  While I do watch some video on my notebook, I mostly listen to music and play games.  During music, the Siberia V2 handles beautifully reproducing the sounds when playing softly, or as I prefer it quite loud.  This headset can get quite loud as well if you choose so.  The volume can be quickly adjusted by a volume control on the cord, as well as the standard volumes located in the computer operating system.  Even more impressive is the sound produced while in games.  When playing games, utilizing the sounds is very important as they can tell you if something is sneaking up behind you, or to immerse you into the game as the creepy music plays.  This is done perfectly with this headset due to the advance audio processing of the on board digital audio processor in the headset. 

When I saw that the headset was a USB connector, I was very worried as I know that headsets I have tried in the past with USB were not very good quality.  SteelSeries has proved my theory wrong, as it provides an excellent reproduction and ease of use with their SteelSeries Engine 3 software that drives this unit.  The headset itself was designed to work with Windows, Mac, and PlayStation game systems.  It also comes with an extension USB cord in the event that you are using a desktop or are slightly further away than the original cord allows for. 


                  The finally extremely cool feature is that there is a hidden microphone that can be pulled out when needed.  I use this primarily when I am playing games as I speak to my teammates over an internet voice application.  From my survey of my friends, I come through extremely clear with no background noise.  This is exceptional as a lot of microphones in headphones are almost an afterthought when being developed. 


                 Overall, this is a high-end headset at a medium range price point.  I would heavily recommend this headset to anyone who wishes to use it in a computer environment and can deal without the 3.5mm headset jack.  Exceptional sounds can be had with great comfort completes the ultimate multimedia experience; without breaking the bank as well.  You can purchase the SteelSeries Siberia V2 Frost Blue edition at SteelSeries shop or many online stores.  You can look at all of SteelSeries great products here.


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