My Personal Anecdotal Experiance with Electronic Cigarettes


As some of you may know I have tried many varieties of Electronic Cigarettes in the past. I enjoy occasionally smoking them when I am into places that you cannot smoke a traditional cigarette. When we went to Disney couple years ago I carried my vaporizer pen with me and when we went out to eat, I used my vaporizer to curb my urge to smoke. My husband and I are both smokers, so we really like the alternative of vaping at times when we cannot smoke a traditional cigarette.

What I really enjoy about the electronic cigarette is you can get many different flavors. I never thought I would enjoy the flavor e-juice, but it is an entirely different experience than flavored tobacco. My favorite flavors are cherry, grape and chocolate! Who would have thought you could vape chocolate? When I started vaping I did not realize how popular it has become. Everywhere I went I noticed people had vaporizer pens around their necks or in their hands. I then started to think this was the new in thing to do. .

Electronic cigarettes consist of a lithium battery, LED light, a microchip, an atomizer, and a nicotine cartridge. This in turn resembles a traditional cigarette in width and length. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated and when you draw through the e-cigarette the atomizer heats the gel which creates a vapor. When you draw through the e-cigarette the LED light will turn on and that will signify that it is working correctly. When you inhale the vapor it gives the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. When you exhale there is no odors that linger as it is mostly water.

I keep my vaporizer with me whenever I go out along with my e-cigarette cartridges in case I run out. Sometimes I switch between two or three different flavors depending on the mood I am in. I get bored easily and having the variety is a big perk for me. Not only do they have a variety of flavors to choose from but there are a variety of different electronic cigarettes depending on what you like. There are disposables that after the cartridge is gone you toss them away. Those are great for someone that does not want to Vape all the time, but is looking to use it for a special occasion. Next is the vaporizer pens which have an atomizer and you fill it with e-juice. This is great for someone that is looking for more long term vaping and needs to make it through the day. Due to the capacity of the atomizer it can hold a decent amount of e-juice. Lastly, there are Electronic Cigarettes with cartridges. You can use these electronic cigarettes over and over again, you just need to replace the cartridge. No e-juice required as it is all in the cartridge. Whatever choice you make the experience is the same of being able to smoke when you cannot use a traditional cigarette.

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