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Are you tired of your mascara smudging and running down your face from sweating, the heat and water? I know I am! I enjoy wearing makeup, especially when I am going out for the day. My biggest issue is mascara that smudges and runs down my face from sweating and when I go swimming. Who wants to remove mascara when you go to the beach or the pool and then have to re-apply when done? Not me! I want to be able to put my mascara on for the day and be done with it. I turn into raccoon eyes when my mascara drips down my face, which is not a pretty sight. I have the perfect solution for you. With waterproof mascara you can now work out, get sweaty, and go swimming without worrying that your mascara will smudge or run. I highly recommend it if you are going to be active and looking for a smudge-proof product.




Tarte limited edition Lights, Camera, Splashes is a waterproof mascara that is not only waterproof, but will condition your lashes as well as give volume and length. The tarte lights, Camera, Splashes waterproof mascara will give you the same benefits as their Lights, Camera, 4 -in-one mascara with the additional benefit of being waterproof. To remove waterproof mascara you can use makeup removal wipes and it comes off with ease. I do not find it harder to remove waterproof vs traditional.

 I can remember a time I went to my son’s school to see a dance competition. The competition was outside and living in Florida you never know when it is going to rain. I put my makeup up and used my waterproof mascara. At the end of the competition, it started to rain heavily. I ran through the parking lot and expected to be a hot mess by time I got to the car. I was shocked when I looked in the mirror that my mascara did not run at all! It was still intact.

 Some people may wonder why would you need to wear mascara if you are working out or swimming? Well, for some women we may not like how our lashes look without wearing mascara. In addition, we may see imperfections and love the look that mascara gives us when we use it. Wearing mascara can give us a big confidence boost to our self esteem. I do not like how my lashes look without mascara so I always put my waterproof mascara on before I leave the house. I feel more confident in myself when I am wearing it. Have you tried waterproof mascara? Tell me your experiences.



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