How to Throw a Successful Benefit


Tips for Throwing a Successful Benefit

 When someone suffers a life-changing event, people in their lives may want to help that person overcome the burden by helping with their finances. For example, an individual who suffers from cancer or the spouse of a first responder that lost their life may have a hard time making ends meet after this traumatic experience. In these instances, throwing a benefit can be a great way to help.

With a benefit, you will raise money that you will give to the individual for his or her own needs. Some people will use the money to pay for the medical treatments that are not covered by their insurance, and others will use it to continue to pay their bills. With most benefits, an individual will usually buy a ticket, and that ticket will cover the cost of their food and drinks for a certain period of time while the proceeds go to a specific individual in need.

If you want to throw a successful benefit, use these tips.

 Shop around for different venues.

You can hold a benefit almost anywhere, but be sure to shop around. You want to be able to make a profit off the tickets you sell, so it’s best to find a place that will not only accommodate the amount of people you expect to attend, but that will allow you to make the most money. Talk to the venues to see how much it will cost to rent the room and how much it will cost for food and drinks. If the food and drinks will be too much, consider using a caterer instead to cut costs and increase your profit margin.

Market the benefit.

If you want the benefit to be successful, you need to market the event successfully. Create posters and fliers and hang them up and pass them out throughout your neighborhood. Get on social media and share news about the event through every social channel you can think of. Create a website and spread the word online too. Get as many people as you can to spread the word, and you’ll find more success. 

Create a benefit committee.

Having a benefit committee can be a lifesaver when it comes to the benefit. Designate people to do different jobs so that you all work as a team with one goal in mind. Have certain people sell tickets, certain people be in charge of marketing, and others in charge of getting donations for the event. This will help make the event run more smoothly.

 Seek donations early.

While selling tickets will give you a profit, you should also look for donations too. Reach out to companies and ask them to sponsor the event with a monetary donation or a donation of goods or services that you can use in a raffle or silent auction.

 Sell swag.

People are not just going to attend a benefit and only spend money on their ticket. They will spend money on split the pots, silent auctions, and raffles, and they will also spend money on swag. Create t-shirts or invest in awareness bracelets that you can sell at the benefit. Obviously you will want to sell these items for more than you paid for them, so be sure to think of profits when determining the price.


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