Tips How to Dry your Nail Polish Fast


Since I have been growing out my nails I have an obsession with painting them all the time. I love creating different nail looks, but the one thing I hate is waiting for my nails to dry. I have four children so painting my nails is only in my routine when they are in bed, however, I still smudge them every time because I am impatient waiting on them to fully dry. That is why I have come to love Savvy travelers nail polish remover wipes. I am going to give you some tips that I have found to help dry your nail polish faster. 


1) Ice Water-  You will want to fill a bowl with ice water before you paint your nails. Nail polish dries when it comes in contact with cold water. Drying them in a bowl vs running them under cold water works better so the pressure from the faucet does not cause your nail polish to smudge. 

pam                                                                                                                                               2) Cooking Spray- Who would have thought cooking spray can dry your nails? Well, it sure can! Gently mist your nails with cooking spray and after 2-3 minutes wash your hands. 

stockvault-blue-hairdryer107208                                                                                                                             3Hair Dryer- I am sure many of you have thought of the hair dryer to dry your nails., You have to be careful though and not use the warm setting as this will soften your nail polish and make it peel. If you do use a hair dryer use the cold setting and from a distance gently blow it on your nails. After a few minutes your nails will be dry. 

4) Hairspray- I know the sound of spraying your nails with hairspray sounds nasty and while it may make your hands a little sticky if you have no other options this may help. The alcohol content in the hairspray makes the drying time speed up. 

5) Freezer- Sticking your hands in the freezer can help harden your nail polish. Leave them in for 2-3 minutes and your nail polish will be dry.

I find that if you are going to dry your nails naturally without using any of these tips that it takes a good couple hours before you can feel safe enough that they will not smudge. I painted my nails one night and then went to bed about an hour later. The next morning I woke up and had indents on my nail polish! I hope these help you and sound off below and let me know if you have tried any of these before. 

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