A Guide to Echo Lighting


There’s certainly no shortage of superb lighting products on offer these days. Whether you’re after elaborate ceiling pendants, minimalist spotlights or anything else, you can take your pick from an array of options. As well as thinking about the visual impact these products will have on your home, you might be keen to ensure your illuminations are eco-friendly. After all, by opting for energy-efficient solutions, you can help do your bit to protect the planet. Perhaps even more importantly if you’re operating on a tight budget, you can cut your energy bills. Let’s face it, running a family home isn’t cheap and so it’s important to save money wherever possible. It’s worth noting that in a typical household, lighting accounts for between 10 and 20 percent of electricity bills.

Luckily, companies like The Lighting Superstore offer a range of energy-efficient products. As long as you know what you’re looking for, you should be able to find the ideal solutions for your home. This brief guide will help ensure you’re in the know when it comes to eco-friendly illuminations.

 CFLs and LEDs

 Broadly speaking, there are two types of energy efficient products to choose from. These are compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs). Both types of bulbs can be found for standard downlights and spotlights.

CLFs are proving popular among savvy shoppers these days and they are probably what spring to mind when you picture an energy-saving bulb. Often featuring a swirl design, they have a distinctive appearance. Replacing a traditional bulb with one of these items of the same brightness can save around $5 a year, or $70 over the lifetime of the product.

LEDs are relatively new and they tend to be more expensive than other options. However, the technology is developing rapidly and the products are falling in price. Also, although they are more expensive to buy than CFLs, they are also more efficient and can save you extra cash in the long run. The products feature a semi-conductor that emits energy when an electrical current passes through it.

 Don’t be put off by the purchase price

Sadly, some people are still put off both CLFs and LEDs by their higher purchase prices. When you’re on the hunt for new lights, don’t let this deter you from investing in the products. Bear in mind that they will help to drive your electricity bills down. Also, they have longer life spans than traditional incandescent bulbs.


 As well as making sure you select the most efficient artificial lights for your property, it’s worth thinking about how you can maximize the amount of natural illumination that enters your home. After all, this is completely free and eco-friendly. When possible, draw your curtains and even your net curtains back to let the sun’s rays into your home.

Also, it’s worth cleaning your windows regularly. You might be surprised by how much of a difference this makes to the brightness levels in a room. .

It might even be worth your while installing special light pipes into particularly dark parts of your property. These innovative solutions funnel light from the roof down a tube and into your home. Contact DePalma Construction, Inc to help with the installation.

As well as helping you to control your energy spending, getting more natural light into your rooms could help to boost your mood.

 A balanced approach

 By making sure you take advantage of the best energy-efficient products available and by ensuring your home gets as much sunshine as possible, you can rest assured you’re benefiting your household budget and the planet.


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