Top Tips to Get the Best Value for Money from Your Wedding Day


Nobody wants to admit that they wasted a lot of money on their wedding day. Unfortunately, this is the case for many couples these days. They spend money on things just because they are ‘wedding’ associated, without really thinking about it. This post will help you to get the best value for money from your wedding day, so you can be confident that you’ve spent your budget wisely:

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Start Saving Before You Do It

The silliest thing you can do is take out a loan to pay for your wedding straight away. What’s the rush? Why not save up first, and then get married? Starting off married life with a huge chunk of debt isn’t the best feeling. If you start saving first, you can feel confident that you aren’t going to bankrupt yourself, and that you’ll feel comfortable going into married life debt free. Wedding rings at Whiteflash are good value for money because they are high quality but they won’t break the bank. You’ll also find that you’re more conservative with your budget when you’ve already saved it up by yourself.

Invite More People

You probably hear all kinds of things telling you to invite less people, but sometimes the more people you invite, the better. If any of your costs are a fixed rate, this is where inviting more people can really pay off. Make sure everybody that you want there is there, otherwise your wedding day will be a blur of strange faces that you don’t really care about. While you don’t want to invite your whole neighborhood, you do need to make sure that everybody you love is there for this one day.

Go Cheap With Your Invites

Invites shminvites. Who cares about invites anyway? I bet only your mother in-law to-be really cares about them! Make your invites yourself if you have the time; it’ll be much cheaper than having them made professionally. You could even buy loads of postcards and invite people that way. These invites will only get thrown in the bin, so it makes no sense to blow a huge portion of your budget on them.

Put on a Buffet

A buffet is much cheaper than a sit down meal, and people can eat as much or as little as they like. You’ll probably even have some to take home for afters! It’s up to you whether you do a hot or a cold buffet, and you can make it as quirky as you like. Perhaps pick a unique theme.

Hire Your Friends

Your friends are sure to have some special skills. Hire them instead of professionals for the entertainment! Can your best friend play an instrument? Perhaps they are a great DJ/photographer? Make use of their skills and see if they will help you out. You could buy them a small gift to show them your appreciation!

Use these tips and you’ll use your budget effectively, rather than wastefully. Don’t buy into all of the ‘wedding’ traditions and do what feels right to you. Have a wonderful day!



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