5 Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Man Feel Extra Special


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Men love to spoil their wives and girlfriends by coming home with small surprises throughout the year – flowers, chocolates and other little bits. But how can we go about spoiling them back?

Most men wouldn’t be too impressed with a bunch of flowers, but there are other ways you can show your man how much you care.

For our ultimate guide to finding the perfect gift for your man, have a read below:

Before you pick out a gift for him, there are some things you should ask yourself. What does he enjoy doing? Is there anything he has always wanted but never got? What kind of taste does he have?

As well as thinking about what he likes, make sure to ask yourself how much you can afford to spend.

Before picking out a gift, have a think about all of these things.

1. Experience Day

Does your man crave adventure? Does he yearn to be the next James Bond? Yes – then he will love an experience day.

From speeding around a race track to taking part in a zombie apocalypse survival day, there are so many different experiences to choose from. With various days available, there is sure to be one suited to just about every man.

Have a think about what interests him. Does he love horror movies? Is he a Formula One fan? Think about what interests him and choose an experience that you know he will enjoy.

2. Board Game

If you are looking for something fun, why not buy your other half a board game? Whilst you may think board games are for kids, playing board games as adults can be just as fun. There are so many different games to choose between, from football betting games to erotic adult board games; there is something for every couple.

Have a think about what your man would like, two of the most popular games for men are the Tatico Football Board Game and the Monogamy Adult Board Game.

3. Watch

If you are looking for a gift that is a little more sentimental, then why not pick your partner out a lovely watch.

When choosing a watch for your partner have a think about what they will need from it – will it need to be waterproof, will it need to be digital and what should it be made of? To get an idea of what designs and styles are available and to check those out, have a look online.

4. Man Mug

Whilst this is only a little present, a man mug can make a great gift – especially if your guy works with his hands. Choose a man mug that has a tape measure painted up the side of it, a small spirit level inside it and a handle that has room to put a screwdriver in.

If your man likes his tea, the larger and manlier the mug, the more he will appreciate it.

5. Personalised Cheese Board Set

If your significant other loves cheese, why not buy him his very own personalised cheese board set? Complete with all the proper cheese cutting equipment and a beautiful wooden cheese board.

If your man enjoys cooking, as an added extra why not get him a cheese making kit too? They aren’t too expensive and can be a lot of fun to do – plus you can choose from all sorts of cheeses.


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