How to increase the value of your home


Whether you plan to sell your home soon or you’re simply looking to enhance your long-term investment, there are some simple steps you can take to increase the value of your property. This brief guide talks you through a few of the most important.

Focus on key rooms

Particularly if you’ve got the home improvement bug, you might be tempted to tweak all areas of your abode. However, if the purpose of your alterations is simply to add value, a little self-restraint is called for. You’re much better off focusing on the most important rooms – the areas that potential buyers will scrutinise in the greatest detail. This includes your kitchen. Often described as the heart of the home, cooking areas are highly prized among house hunters, and a well designed kitchen with a good quality finish can significantly up the amount that people are willing to pay for a property. When you’re revamping this space, pay close attention to your work surfaces. If they’ve seen better days, it could be time to replace them with solid wood versions like those offered by the specialist supplier Worktop Express. You might also benefit from buying new cabinets in the same style.

Bathrooms are another home improvement hotspot. Buyers can be put off by bad quality bathroom suites, dripping taps and mildew-stained tiles. Therefore, it’s well worth spending some cash whipping these rooms into shape.

Add space

Another way to boost the value of your property is to increase the amount of usable space on offer. For example, you may benefit from converting a loft area or basement, or adding a conservatory. However, these changes don’t come cheap, so make sure you know the facts before you launch into the projects. For example, it helps to take a look at similar homes in your area that have already had such work done. See how much they sell for when they are put on the market. This should give you an idea of how much value you can add.

Improve curb appeal

Bear in mind that people have already formed at least a partial opinion of your property before they even set foot through the front door. They will make judgements based on issues like the standard of paintwork around your home, the condition and design of your garden and driveway and how clean your windows are. Giving the front of your property some TLC needn’t cost much money, but it can help you to boost its appeal.

Of course, these are just a small selection of the changes you can make when you’re trying to boost the value of your property. As a general rule, focus on the most cost-effective changes and avoid splashing cash on alterations that may go unnoticed by potential buyers.


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