Moving House? Keep Your Items Safe And Secure With These Nifty Packing Tips

Packing up your possessions when you are moving house involves much time, care and attention. You would be very upset if your favorite vase were smashed in transit, so it is important that you pack your valuables safely and securely. In addition, most removal companies will have insurance that covers damage to items that they packed themselves. However, the policy is unlikely to stretch to the things that you prepared for moving.

As you can tell, it is in your best interests to pack your belongings properly. However, this is often easier said than done when you are juggling all the other jobs involved in moving house. But panic no more fellow house movers. Keep reading for a number of handy packing tips that will ensure your valuables are kept safe and secure during transit.

  • Source good quality packing materials

Use sturdy packing supplies that will help keep your possessions safe and secure. Using thin and flimsy materials will only increase the risk of damaged items and won’t protect them from the elements. You don’t need to spend a fortune on supplies. In fact, by enquiring at your place of, local businesses, or asking family and friends you may be able to pick up quality supplies for next to nothing. Stock on plenty of bubble wrap and other cushioning materials, as these will come in great use for protecting your valuables.

  • Find a reputable removal company

If you are hiring the services or a removal firm, be sure to choose a business that has an excellent reputation. This will give you peace of mind that the employees will respect and take care of your belongings. Ask relatives, friends and colleagues if they can recommend a company. Alternatively, read customer reviews online of potential firms to get a better idea of their reputation and experience. It is also important to find a removal company that can meet your specific requirements. For example, if you have large, valuable items like chandeliers or pianos, you may wish to look for specialised services.

  • Dedicate special care and attention to your precious items

Moving antiques is not an easy task. However, if you are using a removal company, they may be able to provide you with specialized crates for your expensive belongings. For artwork behind glass, put an X in masking tape on the front to strengthen the glass. Wrap expensive items in paper and bubble wrap before storing in individual boxes.

  • Use boxes appropriate for your belongings

One of the main things that home movers do wrong is to put all their heavy belongings into large boxes. This makes it very physically demanding for you or the removal employees to lift and transport your items and can lead to dropped boxes, broken things and accidents. To avoid this, pack heavier items, like books and electronics, in smaller boxes so the weight is more manageable. Lighter items like cushions and bed linen can go into larger boxes. Always test the weight of your boxes as you go to avoid overpacking.

  • Don’t leave gaps and spaces in boxes

The rule is the tighter the fit; the better. Leaving gaps in boxes will mean your items will move around more when they are being lifted, transported and put down. Use soft and light materials like towels, dish clothes and clothing to fill in spaces and to cushion your belongings while they are being transported to your new home.

Wrap up breakables

Breakables will be kept safe from damage if they are covered well in soft materials. Dishes, glasses and delicate ornaments should be bundled in layers of paper and bubble wrap and packed in boxes marked “Fragile”. With precious glass items, avoid using newspaper as the ink may leave a permanent mark.

  • Separate your silverware

One of the biggest risks to your silver during moving is scratches. For this reason, it is advisable to pack your silverware individually. Find a suitable container for your silver and ensure it is clean and dry to avoid rust. For extra protection, you may wish to wrap your silverware in Pacific Silvercloth. This is a material that prevents tarnishing of silver and silver plated articles.

  • Protect your electronic items from moisture

Your electronics are no doubt expensive, so it is important that they are protected against rain and liquid spillages. After wrapping your electronic items tightly in bubble wrap place them in a box with desiccant bags. These little bags contain a substance that maintains a state of dryness in their vicinity. You may have noticed desiccant bags when bought a new bag or pair of shoes. You can pick these up at most hardware stores.

  • Prevent leakages from items containing liquid

It follows that you should take measures to prevent your belongings from leaking. If liquid seeps into your other boxes during transit, this could have a devastating effect on many of your other belongings. Items containing liquid include foods and cosmetics. Ensure the lids are on or shut properly and store them in sealed plastic bags in order to contain potential spillages.

  • Seal boxes tightly

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so seal those boxes with as much tape as makes you satisfied. At a minimum, tape up the top and bottom and add a couple of lengths of tape around the entire box. Add extra protection to particularly tender areas of containers.

  • Take small valuables with you

Jewelry and important documents, like your passport, are more safely transported to your new home by you. Store these items safely and keep them in your sight until you can put them away somewhere secure in your new home.

  • Consider getting insured

If items being transported in removal firm’s van are not uninsured, you may get some peace of mind by taking out a policy that covers any damage to your belongings during the move.

Being savvy on safe and secure packing techniques will protect your belongings while they are transported to your new property. Good luck with your move!


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