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This is my first post to Traveling on a budget. I have compiled a list below of some places I have found that I think are good choices when you want to travel but do not want to spend a fortune. Traveling on a budget does not necessarily mean you cannot enjoy dining out because not all restaurants are overly expensive. One thing to keep in mind is, if you are traveling on a budget you have to cut your costs somehow and that may mean bringing your own food and doing picnics at parks instead of dining out. This will be a series of 2-3 posts.  Traveling on a budget also does not mean you are not willing to spend money either. Your budget may be 3,000 for a vacation while some may have a smaller budget. Along the series of posts I will be listing many different types of places and attractions for all budget sizes. 


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1) Yellowstone- Located in Wyoming and 3% of the park is located in Montana and 1% in Idaho Yellowstone is open all year round. Some parts are inaccessible during the winter with a car so you will need to check ahead of time before you make a trip. During certain times of year there is free entrance days. For 2015 this is the free entrance days: January 19, February 14-16, April 18-19, August 25, September 26, November 11.  For military members you can receive a free pass to enjoy anytime.  Here are the few top things to do in Yellowstone. Of course, there is a lot more and you can always visit their website to ahead of time to get more information on what attractions they have during the year.. 

Old Faithful (Free)

Now you are probably wondering what is low cost or free to do while you are there. Yellowstone is known for their Gysers (Old Faithful) and Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Seeing Old Faithful’s eruptions are definitely one of the coolest things to see there. Approximately it erupts every 1.5 hours. To see Old Faithful erupt you can go around the perimeter or in a dining room nearby.  Old Faithful facilities open in May and generally close in September. You may want to check this page for specific opening, closing dates, operating hours, current weather conditions and road delays. 

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (Free) 

If you enjoy hiking you can visit the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This Canyon has been a iconic spot for century’s. The Canyon is approximately 20 miles long and about half-mile wide. The Yellowstone river is about 1,000 feet deep and one of the longest undammed river in the country. You an catch the lower site of the falls from Artist Point. The lower falls are 308 feet and the tallest in the park and the upper falls are 109 feet tall. You can find the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone northeast corner of the park, 40 miles north of Yellowstones East entrance. Check here for for specific opening and closing dates of facilities, road maps of points of interest, and operating hours. 

There are so many things to do in Yellowstone that do not cost a lot of money. You can go fishing, biking, hiking, picnicking, boating, and more. There is also Ranger-Led activities for teens and children. Plan your visit and check out their website for information before you make a trip. 

The next destination I have found to be great when traveling on a budget is…

Myrtle Beach SC 


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Bring your chairs and hit the beach in Myrtle Beach. Let the sand hit your feet and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Make sure you bring a towel and your lunch and make it a beach day with your family and friends. I do not know about you but the fresh salt air feels refreshing and helps me sleep better at night.  Here is a list of fun things to do at Myrtle Beach while on a budget. 

Miniature Golf 

Being known for the golf capital of the world there is many places to play miniature golf. Multiple establishments may have discount coupons and you may want to check out coupon books to save a few dollars. The average price is $6.00-8:00 and kids usually 2 and under are free. 

Children’s Museum of South Carolina

The Children’s Museum of South Carolina is geared for children 12 and under. If you have young children this is a great place to enjoy for a small fee. You can also re-enter the museum same day if you need to leave for a while and decide you want to come back. Just ask someone to stamp your hand for re-entry. 

Playground Grand Park 

This large recreation area is located in the Myrtle Beach community, right across the highway from the Market Common development. Several ponds, playgrounds, athletic fields, picnic shelters, and a gymnasium are located here. 


At Carmike Cinemas you can catch a varieties of movies. Price varies at certain times and depending on the movie. Matinee price is $6.75 and Super bargain price 4-5:30 is $5.75 

Free Movie Base Recreation Center

Enjoy a free movie at the Base Recreation Center in Myrtle Beach. Adult and Senior movie schedule. Every Friday at 3:00p.m located at 800 Gabreski Lane. Soft drinks and popcorn are $1.00 each. 

Hot Summer Nights at the Boardwalk

If you never been to Hot Summer Nights at the Boardwalk this would be a good chance to visit. June through August and through September there is free music concerts. Every Wednesday June 10 through August 19th at 10:00 P.M you can enjoy free fireworks. 

Let’s check out our next budget friendly destination…..

Richmond Virginia


Virginia’s Capital is a booming place for shopping and outdoor entertainment for all to enjoy. Take a long walk on the cobblestone streets, explore the history of the Civil War, wander along the canal and enjoy the scenic atmosphere. Richmond is a great vacation spot for families and couples. I will list family friendly places to visit in Richmond that are budget friendly. 

 Beautiful Gardens 

 You can explore the beautiful gardens at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden or enjoy the annual Historic Garden Week when beautiful homes are open to the public for showing. You can attend the Maymond Flower and Garden Show in February. 

when some of the area’s most gorgeous homes and gardens are opened for public tours. See brilliant and colorful fall foliage on Monument Avenue. Or attend the Maymont Flower and Garden Show, held in February.

 Richmond Museums

Richmond Virginia has many historical museums that one can visit along with historical sites to see. The Virginia Holocaust Museum, Edgar Allen Poe Museum,  and Valentine Richland Historical Center are some of the few sites to see. 

Metro Richmond Zoo 


While the zoo may not be cheap to visit, it can be a fun activity for family’s to visit. There is over 400 animals featured at the Richmond Zoo. 

Keep your eye out for our next series….What else would you like to see? 


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