Dysport Botox Drug


When it comes to our appearance, we can be very sensitive. We love to look young and beautiful and to be attractive to opposite sex. However, no matter how hard we try, there are certain things that cannot be controlled. One of them is aging. As the time goes by, we are no longer able to hide effect of time. Although wrinkles are not directly produced by aging, they increase with frequency of smiling, frowning, wondering and other facial expressions that we make during the day. These expressions are called mimic wrinkles and they are usually positioned on the upper part of our face. People, who wish to eliminate them without submitting themselves to a cosmetic surgery, can choose botox as a great way to mask their presence.

                Today, there are numerous drugs that are used for botox. Among many different choices that market present us, Dysport has shown excellent results when it comes to treatment of forehead wrinkles. Dysport, like any other similar drug used for botox, is based on botulinum toxin. This substance ranks among the strongest toxins known to men. As such, it can be quite debilitating. However, the scientist found out that by using minor dosages of this matter, it is possible to inhibit function of our muscles. This is precisely how this drug deals with our wrinkles. Skin muscles are creating wrinkles by constantly contracting. By injecting Dysport, we are able to counter them through inhibition of muscles. And this is not all. The same procedure can be used for some other diseases and conditions such as cervical dystonia and excessive sweating.

                This treatment is recommended for people who are in their late thirties and above. But, Dysport should not be given to elderly above 65, children, or pregnant women. Treatment that uses this drug is very brief and the results are visible after a few days. First, doctor needs to examine your face. Together, you can determine where you would like to perform corrections. By using thin needle, Dysport in injected into your skin. Anesthesia is usually administered but it is not mandatory. Medicine lasts for about 4 month within the body. It is not recommended to take additional shots until first dosage passes.

                Today, various online pharmacies are selling this drug. It is no wonder, given the popularity of botox. Among many different options, this medicine ranks as one of the best solutions for forehead wrinkles. If you choose to buy Dysport from Medica Depot you can be assured that the product which you are receiving is of high quality.

                Unfortunately, like most other drugs, there are certain side effects connected with use of this medicine. Dysport usually causes allergic reaction. Most common problems are those affecting our face and they come in form of discomfort, pain, inflammation, infection, discoloration, redness, minor lumps. In some cases, extreme side effect may appear. Among the most severe issue, we can include problem speaking, blurry vision, painful headaches, dizziness, muscle fatigue etc. If any of these side effects occur to you, it is imperative to contact doctor as soon as possible.


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