Help The Endangered Animals Of Southern Africa


South Africa is a beautiful country that can boast a lot of things. As the 25th largest country in the world, over close to 53 million people call it home. At 1.2 million square kilometres, it contains some of the most breathtaking vistas in the world. These lands are also home to some of the world’s most endangered animals. The cheetah, African lion, and rhinoceros are on the verge of extinction, struggling to survive in this amazing country.


If you value the lives of these remarkable animals, there’s something that you can do to help. A volunteer vacation in South Africa can offer beneficial support to these creatures when they need it most. As a volunteer, you’ll fly to South African shores and travel it like no tourist. You’ll arrive at an animal sanctuary of your choosing to work with local animal experts and fellow volunteers in order to provide for these endangered animals. You’ll see and experience the African landscape as a local, as you live and work on the sanctuary.

To put your time to good use, allow a volunteer travel company to partner you with a worthwhile sanctuary. These companies have connections with animal welfare activists and veterinarians in the areaso that you time will go towards those that really need help. They also ensure your safety while travelling abroad. A guide will transport you to and from the airport, and the sanctuary organizers will instruct you on how to care for the animals – with both your and the animal’s safety in mind.

Much like a working holiday, you’ll be able to choose how you want to volunteer. The best volunteer companies have a wide reach within South Africa to allow the greatest amount of volunteers reach the neediest animals. Companies like Volunteer Southern Africa value the welfare of animals, firmly believing that animals need to be protected. They have eco-friendly connections with some of the biggest sanctuaries in the country, and have a variety of programs that you can choose from. You can decide to live with cheetahs, big cats, horses, or even marine life like great white sharks. Their incredible South Africa volunteer programs include accommodations, meals, training, transportation in Africa and basic orientation.

By participating in these volunteer programs, you can be contributing to the rehabilitation of suffering animals. While seeing a beautiful part of the world, your work can be changing the facts surrounding South Africa. One day, it might be known more for its awe-inspiring landscapes and friendly people instead of its list of endangered species.



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