Window Treatments: Efficiency and Savings



Proper window treatments in your home can help create greater energy efficiency throughout the year. This article explores window treatment options that you may use, and you might be surprised by the changes that will occur if you simply install or add to existing window treatments.

#1: Curtain + Blinds

Your windows may have blinds, but it helps to have curtains over blinds in every room. A curtain provides an extra layer of light dampening for your windows as well as insulation from the warm or cold air created around windows. The blinds alone help control the amount of light in each room, but the curtains will help to keep the room a moderate temperature all year.

#2: Control the Light Source

The light coming in each window of the house may be controlled using the blinds and curtains you have layered over each other. The natural light will eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day, and you may continually adjust the curtains or blinds until you are happy with the light level. Your family will use less electricity during the day and ultimately, you will spend less money on light bulbs and energy during the year.

#3: Shutters

You may take an extra step by using shutters that will cover the windows even more completely than your curtains. Shutters will help close off your rooms from light at night and can help to insulate the home and protect the windows during high winds and storms. Shutters look beautiful, and the shutters become yet another layer that you can use to make your home more efficient.

#4: A Thin Veil

While not necessarily for everyone, thin window coverings will help change the lighting in your rooms without forcing you to flip the light switch. You get the best of both worlds when you are using thin sheets of fabric to cover your windows. These thin sheets of fabric may be any color you like, and that color will emanate through the room when the light hits the fabric. You are creating a unique design feature in your home, and you will spend almost no money on these window treatments. This can be an inexpensive alternative to window film insulation (keep in mind however, this is not as efficient as most window films and does not reflect UV).

#5: Make a System

You can start a system in your home that includes the use of your curtains, blinds or shutters every day. Open all the window coverings every morning when the sun comes out and turn off all the lights in rooms that have receive natural light. You will spend around nine hours a day during winter months using natural light (more daylight on average the further South your home is located). You can regulate the light and temperature as the day progresses and it becomes warmer outside. At night, try closing your curtains, blinds and shutters before you go to bed.

The curtains, blinds and shutters will help insulate and keep the air conditioned and heated air in and you will save money on your power bill each month. The window treatments you install in your home can help make every room look beautiful, and your window treatments unlock savings that will help your family live more efficiently.

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This guest post is courtesy of Proctor Drapery and Blinds. Michael Proctor has been serving the St. Louis area since 1974 with a wide variety of window treatments and services including custom blinds, custom drapery and custom shutters.


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