How to Save Money at Best Buy

How to Save Money at Best Buy
Best Buy has stood the test of time in the world of electronics and has outlasted many competitors, including Circuit City and Radio Shack. Today, Best Buy is known for having a huge selection of all kinds of electronics and gadgets. Although the prices tend to be reasonable, they are often not as low as they could be, which makes it even more important to know how to shop smartly and save money. Use the following techniques to get great electronics for great prices at Best Buy Read More

JimmyCase Wallet and Case in One

Are you looking for a cell phone case that is not only fashionable but functional? let me introduce you to jimmyCASE. jimmyCASE has fun, functional products for your cell phone and wallet needs. How great would it be to make your life more simple by leaving the wallet behind but having the security of your wallet contents by your side the entire time? 
jimmy case
The best iPhone 6 Wallet Case will hold six cards and cash while giving you full frame protection. Made with genuine mahogany core and silicone bumpers. In addition it has lay-on-the-table screen protection which will ensure your screen is protected all the time. These cases comes in a variety of colors.  Read More

Ozobot Bit the Creative Robot

There are many robot type toys on the market today, however, nothing like the one I am going to show and explain to you. Ozobot is a robot that follows a path by reading different colors on a piece of paper or colored coded lines on pre-printed sheets that you fill in. This creative robot not only teaches STEM and programmable coding, but it empowers children’s minds to discover and explore complex coding concepts.
Ozobot takes learning to a whole new level. If you do not have a tablet, you can still have fun with markers, paper and game boards. You can control Ozobot’s behavior through a block based editor Blockly. Through the many applications such as hopscotch, scratch, inventor, tynker and others, Ozobot encourages creative thinking and empowers your mind to think logically while providing hours of fun.  Read More

Car Care Tips for the Winter

Car Care Tips for the Winter

Beach days are just about over and kids are going back to school. The nights and days are getting cooler and now is the time to start preparing your vehicle for the winter months ahead. Maintaining your car and prepping it for the winter is imperative to make your car last longer. Without the right preparations it could be dangerous and expensive.  I hope my tips will help you prepare your vehicle for the winter.
Test your battery – Battery breakdowns can happen any time of year but most times it will happen in the colder weather. Cold temperatures can reduce your battery life dramatically Have your battery checked by a mechanic to make sure there is no corrosion on the connectors.
  Read More

What is the Difference Between Car Fuel Types?

With the drastic differences in pricing between premium and regular gasoline, what is the difference between these two grades? 
The octane rating is the first noticeable difference between these two fuel grades.  So what really is octane and how does it make a difference?  Essentially, it is the percentage of isooctane, the stable chemical which is the basis of gasoline, and heptane, a gas with high detonation properties.  The isooctane of the mixture provides less of a “knock” within the engine when it is at a higher level.  So in regards to the octane rating, a 93 octane has 93% isooctane and 7% heptane.  This does not account for the additives that the fuel companies include in the final product, only the anti-knock properties of that mixture. When you see gasoline for sale with more than 100 octane rating, they utilize a chemical base with more stable anti-knock capabilities than that of pure isooctane. Read More

Top Tips for Auto Maintenance in Wisconsin

Trying to extend the life of your vehicle can assist in reducing the frequency of breakdowns or prematurely worn parts.  Automobiles are not just a mode of transportation, but also a form of self expression and enjoyment.  It is no surprise that these items become more than just any property, but almost a family member over a period of time.  Therefore, it is more than just a financial decision when attempting to extend the life of your vehicle.  To ensure you can properly maintain your vehicle, here are a few tips. Read More

Top Ten Road Trip Essentials

10 Road Trip Essentials
Road trips can be a very fun time. When you are traveling you will want to make sure you have essential items with you to make the time spent in the car easier for you and the kids. Whether it be a weekend camping trip or a road trip that lasts weeks, keep this list handy.
1.       Navigation System/app – Many people say they would never leave their house without a navigation system, but it is always good to take a traditional map in case it fails. If your car is not equipped with one you can purchase one for around $100
2.       Music– Pandora? Spotify? Sirius radio? Make sure to have a mix of upbeat songs for your road trip as it will make the trip more fun.
3.       Toiletries and necessities – Paper towels, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, toilet paper (in case the rest stop has none) prescription meds, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and sunglasses.
Want to know more road trip essentials? Head on over and read the rest of the articleRead More

6 Ways to Keep your Car Organized

Has your car become your dumping ground? I know with kids mine sure has. For a lot of people and those that especially have to travel their vehicle is one that they are in most the time. With that said, keeping the car organized can help with the daily clutter and make life a lot easier while in your vehicle. I hope these tips help you keep your car more organized.
First thing you will want to do is clean the entire vehicle out from front to back. Clean out the excess garbage and clean the seats and floors. Once you have your car smelling and looking great you can use these organizing tools to make life a little easier. You can read the rest of the article here

Rent Textbooks and Save from CampusBookRentals

A new semester begins and you have to think about how to get the most out of your money while going to college. When going to college, textbooks can be costly and coming up with hundreds of dollars just for textbooks can be very daunting. A good friend of mine just started college and we were having a conversation the other day about the cost of going to college and the cost of textbooks. I told her that she should check out CampusBookRentals to save money and she can send them back when she is done. My friend was thrilled as she had no idea this was even a possibility for her. When I was going to school for my degree, I should have done my research better and rented my textbooks as well. People can roll their eyes and think to themselves this is not possible, but let me tell you, it is possible and it can save you hundreds of dollars doing it this way. Read More