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A new semester begins and you have to think about how to get the most out of your money while going to college. When going to college, textbooks can be costly and coming up with hundreds of dollars just for textbooks can be very daunting. A good friend of mine just started college and we were having a conversation the other day about the cost of going to college and the cost of textbooks. I told her that she should check out CampusBookRentals to save money and she can send them back when she is done. My friend was thrilled as she had no idea this was even a possibility for her. When I was going to school for my degree, I should have done my research better and rented my textbooks as well. People can roll their eyes and think to themselves this is not possible, but let me tell you, it is possible and it can save you hundreds of dollars doing it this way.


When you first go to CampusBookRentals there is a search bar available to search for the book you are looking to rent. Once you find the book you are looking for, there are options made available to you about the renting periods. You can choose to rent for 55 days, 130 days, 85, days, or even select your own renting periods! In addition, you can purchase the book used for a fraction of the cost outside CampusBookRentals.

At times when you rent a book you may decide later that you want to keep the book for reference. You are probably wondering if you can keep the book and how much it would cost. CampusBookRentals makes the process very easy and in fact, You’re only charged the difference between what you already paid to rent the book, and the value of the book at the time you initially rented. This is what makes renting your textbooks easy and cool, it saves you money, while allowing you to purchase the book. If you decide to keep a book, log into your account, choose to purchase your book, and it will guide you through the process. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Every time you rent a textbook, you will receive a bubble envelope with a prepaid USPS label. When you want to return your book, place them in the return envelopes and drop the package off at your nearest USPS drop box or Post Office. CampusBookRentals wants to make this process easy and they provide free shipping. Make sure you only use this method to return books to insure they arrive at the correct facility.

Another factor that I think is cool about CampusBookRentals, is the fact that you can highlight in the books as if they were your own. Just make sure not to doodle in them while you are daydreaming as other students will be renting the same textbook after you.

Why choose CampusBookRentals?

CampusBookRentals have been in business since 2007 and not only do they know what they are doing, but they care about helping you save money. CampusBookRentals offers a 21 day risk free guarantee, which means return your book for any reason within 21 days for a refund. 

Check out CampusBookRentals for your next textbook needs and save your hard earned money for other things. 

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