Ninja Coffee Bar Pumpkin Spice Latte

What better way to enjoy the fall with a pumpkin spice latte. Being national coffee day today, enjoy a great tasting brew with the Ninja Coffee Bar. This revolutionized Coffee Bar will enable you to create this signature brew right in the comfort of your home easily. With the specialty brew setting of this new machine you can make a simple cup of coffee to brew over ice. In addition, you can make cappuccino or a pumpkin spice latte. With the Ninja Coffee Bar you can do everything! Read More

Auto Industry Preps for Cyber Threats

Much has been said recently about the ability of vehicles to be maliciously controlled by remote individuals utilizing hacking techniques. Primarily, this is achieved by planting a device with cellular capabilities onto the vehicle that accesses the main computer over its main information system pipeline known as a cab bus. This is responsible for sending data from the vehicle’s main computer to all of the subsystems. Unlike the cars of twenty years ago, when you do thing such as turn the steering wheel, press the brake or the accelerator pedal that information is sent to the vehicle’s main computer through the cab bus. Read More

The Ford Echo-Boost Turbo Engine

   Automobiles with turbos from the factory have become more popular in recent years, including Ford’s own Eco-Boost engine. Yet it is hardly explained what does a turbo really does.  This article will assist provide a brief explanation of what it is, and how it helps your vehicle be more powerful.  The overall result of a turbo is producing a higher maximum horsepower from an engine that does not have one. It also performs this task without adding a lot of extra weight to the vehicle, therefore making a smaller engine much more efficient. Read More

How to Change your Tire

                Everyone has that moment when your tire fails and it becomes flat.  While this can be frustrating, replacing your tire is quite easy.  The most important thing is to be safe during the tire change as the side of the road can be a very dangerous place.  Therefore, it is important to pull off the side of the road as far away as you can.  This can help reduce the chance of being hit by another vehicle. Another factor to look for when determining where to stop is looking for a flat hard surface to provide stability while you are jacking up your vehicle.  For safety’s sake, never try this on a hill.

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How to Change your Oil


How to Change Your Oil
                Changing your vehicle’s oil can help you save money and can be rewarding.  From my experience, you will notice a higher cost savings when synthetic oils are required. Since most vehicles are slightly different, this tutorial is to provide an overall concept of how to complete the task.  It is best to view your owner’s manual prior to changing the oil.  You will want to check for specifics of your vehicle such as what type of oil, and how much you should use in your engine.  Another important point is to check if your vehicle requires synthetic or standard oils.  

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