First Visit to China? Don’t Miss these Popular Destinations


It is easy to feel a little lost when you’re planning your very first trip to China, so we compiled a list of our favorite Chinese tourist destinations.


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China is full of memorable travel experiences, there’s no debate there. However trying to book your first trip to China can still be difficult because it’s hard to know what sort of destinations will suit you. Your interests, budget, methods of travel, and expectations all form a matrix of unique qualifying factors for the “ideal China trip”.

With that in mind, we thought we’d throw some of our best picks for a first trip to China into the hat –decide what you will, we think these popular China sights are ideal for travellers who are looking for a little adventure on a fixed budget.


1. Temple of Heaven, Beijing

For 543 years, emperors of both the Ming and Qing dynasties held Heaven Worship ceremonies in what is now known as the Chongwen District at the site of the Temple of Heaven.

The temple was originally built back in 1420. It has been remodelled and expanded over the centuries, and in 1988 it was opened to the public as a park.

The site is majestic; it covers over 2,700,000 square metres and features the quality craftsmanship of ancient Eastern civilisation. The monument provides deep insight into the cultural practices of the original settlers here, and it’s most certainly worth a visit.

Be sure to tour the area, and see everything from the Imperial Vault of Heaven, Altar of Prayer for Good Harvests, and the Palace of Abstinence.

To know more about the temple of heaven in Beijing, you can research online or ask your tour guide once you get there.


2. The Forbidden City

China’s Forbidden City was the imperial palace from the era of the Ming Dynasty in 1420 all the way to the era of the Qing Dynasty as recently as 1912. The Forbidden City served as the political and ceremonial centre of the government of China for nearly 500 years.


The Forbidden City consists of 980 buildings spanning over 180 acres of land; it’s quite large as far as museological establishments go! The site also boasts the largest collection of preserved wooden structures on the planet.


3. Confucius’ Tomb

The tomb of Confucius is situated in Shandong Province, in China’s Northeast region, in Qufu. Qufu is both the birthplace and burial place of Confucius, who was born all the way back in 551 BC. Although Confucius was buried in the year 479 BC, the temple tomb as it stands today was not built until later to commemorate the philosopher. This is one of the historical places you cannot miss so be sure book it on your next visit with The China Travel Company UK.


4. Jiaohe Ruins

In China’s Northwest region rest the Jiaohe Ruins located in the Yarnaz Valley, approximately 10 km west of Turpan. The ruins are what is left after a Mongol invasion back in the 13th century under the leadership of Genghis Khan.

It is a natural fortress, meaning that its architects forged the structure out of rock that was situated between two rivers; the natural geography of the environment was ideal for a military-style stronghold.

In 1992, authorities began its refurbishment which continues to this day, making the site safe for the large number of tourists which visit the Jiaohe Ruins year after year.

Have anything to add to this short list? Let us know in the comments!




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