How to Change your Tire

                Everyone has that moment when your tire fails and it becomes flat.  While this can be frustrating, replacing your tire is quite easy.  The most important thing is to be safe during the tire change as the side of the road can be a very dangerous place.  Therefore, it is important to pull off the side of the road as far away as you can.  This can help reduce the chance of being hit by another vehicle. Another factor to look for when determining where to stop is looking for a flat hard surface to provide stability while you are jacking up your vehicle.  For safety’s sake, never try this on a hill.

                The first step will be to remove the wheel cover.  Be careful when prying as some vehicles use false lug nuts to tighten the wheel cover onto the vehicle. Prior to jacking up the vehicle, you will want to use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on your tire. Read the rest on how to change your tire here. 


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