Jinx and Bella our Fur-Babies

We always wanted to get our kids a pet and at first we wanted to get a dog, but our landlord would not allow dogs so we decided to seek out a kitten. When we found someone had a kitten we went to their house and they had many to choose from. Instantly it was love at first sight and knew this was the one for us. We brought him home and named him Jinx.


Jinx was 8 weeks old when we received him. He would love to snuggle up in my lap every night around the same time. Who knew that you could get attached so quickly? I grew up with dogs my whole life and never in a million years did I think I would love cats. Something for sure changed that and very quickly at that! As Jinx got older we decided it was time to get him a playmate. I searched and searched until I found someone offering kittens. My husband was reluctant at first because he knows how rambunctious kittens can be and he did not want it to be overwhelming for me as I am home most the time. I felt that Jinx would benefit from having a playmate and I was ready to take on the task.


Bella was approximately 7 weeks when we brought her home. At first Jinx was unsure of her and tried to attack her several times. Since this was my first rodeo, I did not know what to do except keep them separated for a while and then re-introduce several times a day. Every time I brought Bella out of our room into the living room Jinx would attack her in a not so playful way. I was starting to get discouraged, as it was not getting better and only seemed to be getting worse. I did not know what to do, but I was determined to make it work. I researched the internet for ideas and just kept trying to do what I have been doing all along. Finally, after a while I noticed I was able to keep Bella in the living room for long periods of time. After 4 long weeks, they started getting along and it definitely pulled at my heartstrings. I was so elated as I love them both and could not give either of them up.


Jinx is such a good brother to Bella and will punish her when she does something wrong in his eyes. They both have two totally different personalities, in fact, Bella is a talker and loves to communicate with people, but Jinx only communicates when he knows its food time. It is so funny watching them stand in the kitchen together meowing for their dinner. They both know when my husband gets home from work that it’s feeding time. They both even eat off the same plate. I love watching them play together and most times they are cuddled up on the bed or chair. Do you have any cute pet stories that you want to share? Sound off below and tell me about it. I would love to hear about your fur babies.


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  1. Angie says:

    I love kitty's. We have 4 and they are just so loving. I agree, they totally have such different personalities.

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