Ulysses Press has Great Gifts for the Holidays

*Holiday Gift Guide 2015*
I discovered a website upon my google search for different books that I thought my teenager and younger daughter may enjoy. When I found Ulysses Press I looked through their website and was amazed and how many different, and interesting books they have. I picked a couple out that I thought my kids may enjoy.
Ulysses Press Cover Art
Cover Art by Liz Emirzian features 20 hangable prints from some of the greatest novels. Each print is on a cardstock sheet perforated for easy tearing. In addition, it will fit any 8×10 frame or any 5×7 matte. Each design compliments one another which in turn makes it perfect for framing each one to create a stylish collection your wall. On the back of each print, the author writes about the inspiration for the artwork giving history and a story behind the famous novel. Read More

Snow And Melt Systems Save Time

Do you live in an area where you get a large amount of snowfall? With all of the snow comes the responsibility to shovel and move the snow so you can get your car out of your driveway in the winter. You also have to shovel it off of your sidewalk so you will not slip and fall without causing damage to your driveway with all of the shoveling or plowing you may do. What if I told you that you could avoid all of that and save yourself the aches and pains (and the inconvenience) of having to plow and shovel all of that snow each year? Read More

Earn Cash Back and Give with Giving Assistant

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While stumbling through the internet looking for cash back sites, I found a great site that will be especially helpful this holiday season. Giving Assistant is a website that gives you cash back when you shop online at your favorite stores. In addition, they will assist you in being able to give a percentage to a charity of your choice! How neat is that? I love being able to help someone else at the same time. Read More

Support a Local High School When you Dine at Olive Garden

On Tuesday, November 3rd each Olive Garden restaurant nationwide will host a Spirit Night and donate 10% of in-restaurant sales to their local high school. Guests are encouraged to wear school colors to show support during the celebration. NFHS Network, is the nations leading high school sports media company and has partnered up with Olive Garden ongoing to support local communities. Read More

NewCastle Permanent Building Society Offers Personal Banking and Mortgages to Fit your Needs.

Purchasing your very first home can be very stressful. Not knowing where to start or who to go with for a mortgage can be a very daunting task. My husband and I are looking to purchase our first home and during this process it has become very stressful for us. We really do not know who to talk to or where to start.
I have searched various websites for information and while the information sounds good, it becomes overwhelming as there is no one to really guide me in the right direction. I came across in my search for a new home this site calledNewcastle Permanent Building Society, they can connectyou with a mobile lending manager that is a mortgage specialist to help you decide what loan is perfect for you. Read More

The Ninja Coffee Bar Experience the Great Flavor

*Holiday Gift Guide Submission*
Coffee, coffee, coffee, I love a good cup of coffee in the morning and I love my ice coffee at night. Ever since moving to Florida, where the weather is warm most the year I started enjoying ice coffee at night. In the morning I love a hot cup of coffee or a latte. I never had the chance to make my own latte before, but I am excited to say that I can now! When I received my new Ninja Coffee Bar I could not wait to open the box and see what it was all about. For an in-depth review, you should check out the Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews on SolidGoldEats.
ninja Coffee bar
The Ninja Coffee Bar is designed with an innovative thermal flavor extraction technology to deliver you the best tasting coffee. Each brew has a pre-infusion cycle with different varying times. The brew will begin, stop, and be quiet for a short period of time before it begins again. This ensures that it evenly saturates your coffee grounds to release the full flavor bringing you fresh great tasting coffee each and every time. As you can see above it comes equipped with a Ninja duel sided coffee scoop and a frother. One side of the scoop you can use it to make a full pot of coffee and the other to make a single served. Read More

Future of Commodities

If you are an economist, minor changes on the market shouldn’t surprise you. Given that financial market is based on beating your competition, people are constantly trying to find something new and exotic to invest in. However, have in mind that if you got information from a friend that certain product or market will rise; you are already on the back foot. Timing is everything and those who are able to predict future market fluctuations are those who make the most money.
Funny enough, only a handful of individuals could predict recent market crash in 2008. Even the highest ranking public officials working for USA government didn’t see it coming. As a result many companies went under. Even though government tried to save number of them, their future still looks bleak. Read More

Buy Gift Cards Before you Shop to Save Money and Amazon Giveaway #ALBSWYFall10

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As a mom of four children I have to maximize my savings. Around holiday time I need to get the most bang for my buck. No one likes to be stressed out around the holidays when it is supposed to be a joyous time of year. I like to enjoy the holidays knowing that I was able to purchase my gifts and save at the same time. Read More

New NARSPro Refillable Palette

Today I want to introduce you to the newest palette I received for my makeup collection. As you all should know by now, I love cosmetics. Most of all you know I love nice eyeshadow. I love to experiment with the different colors to create all kinds of looks. Typically, when I order palettes they are always filled and you do not have a choice what goes in them. With the NARSPro Palette you have the option of filling your own palette to your liking. First, you can head on over to the NARSPro Palette maker and choose a large or small palette. Once you choose the size you can play around and fill the palette with your favorite colors. Now I am going to warn you it is quite addicting and you may not want to leave. Ha-ha! It is quite the experience, let me tell you. I love how you can choose between the blushes, Bronzers and duo’s and see how they fit in the palette. The colors are pretty spot on as well from what you see there and when they arrive to you.
NARSPro Palette
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