DIY Pumpkin Halloween Donuts

Halloween doesn’t always have to mean spooky or gory. I love donuts and thought why not turn a pumpkin into a yummy looking donut. What makes these great is you can display them all year round on a mantle or end table. These are very simple to make and does not cost a lot either.

DIY Pumpkin Halloween Donuts


I first went to my local Dollar Tree and while searching for crafty items, I came across these Styrofoam pumpkins. At the time I did not know what to do with them, but figured I could come up with something eventually. I decided to just watch some T.V. and try to think of an idea on what to do with these pumpkins. While watching T.V. a donut commercial came on and I thought to myself how I really want a donut right now. Lol, I then had a light bulb moment and signals went off in my brain, paint them like donuts! I took out my acrylic paint and since I did not have a brown color, I mixed green and red to make brown and then added white until it became a tan color to make my strawberry frosted donut. I had to use 2 coats of paint for the donut section and the frosting. Take a thin paintbrush and paint different color sprinkles on top. There are many variations you can try. You could make a vanilla donut with chocolate frosting or chocolate donut with orange frosting for a more Halloween look.

DIY Pumpkin Halloween Donut

I hope you enjoyed my pumpkin donuts. Sound off below and let me know what kind of crafts you are making for Halloween this year. Stay tuned for my Pumpkin Cake Pops! I will be posting those early next week. I have a great book to share with you on cake pops next week.

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  1. kita says:

    Oh this is different and cute never saw this before and I live for being different and unique. I may try these this year.

  2. jenniferjuro says:

    I was amazed at how much fall stuff was at my dollar store. This is such a cute craft idea to turn the pumpkin into a donut like this! I never would have guessed that this was a pumpkin to start with.

  3. Sara-Jayne says:

    Those are so sweet! I'd love to make some but we have limited craft supplies here in England for Halloween. We really need to have more punpkins in our lives here! I absolutely adore what you've done!

  4. coffeesummer says:

    These are so cool! I would love to make these. So yummy.

  5. sign4baby says:

    Ha! That had to be fun to make – I know my kids would dig that. I really don't know what we will be doing special for Halloween decorations just yet – but my plan is to get the kids started on one of those boo packages for their friends!

  6. Maureen says:

    That is really cute for sure. I have never seen them before ever. At first I thought they were cupcakes! 😀 Kudos for you for being so creative to make this.

  7. crystalegan says:

    Looks so good I almost want to eat them! Very creative 'outside the box' idea for halloween!

  8. MrsTee says:

    What Fun! I need to head over to Dollar Tree soon because I haven't even started our Halloween decor yet and these would be perfect!

  9. Tami says:

    This is a cute idea and absolutely opposite go where I thought you were headed. We aren't doing crafts or snacks for Halloween. The most we do is have a harvest party at our church with games and a bonfire.

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