DIY Spooky Halloween Ornaments

I love Halloween and what better way to celebrate Halloween than to do some fun crafts. I never have been a very crafty person but I always have loved to make things. Growing up, my mom was a very crafty women and she always had something going that was fun and creative. I can remember my mom would take my brother and I to ceramics every Saturday to make something fun. I decided it was time to make some fun Halloween crafts for my kids to enjoy. These are so simple and really fun to make.

DIY Spooky Halloween Ornaments

First thing I did was hit my nearest Dollar Tree and find some DIY plastic clear ornaments.


At first I thought of filling them with candy and then making faces on them, but I wanted to do something different. I decided to use acrylic paint that I purchased at my local Walmart and started painting them.


I first made a bat and used the wings of a foam cut-out bat that I bought at the Dollar Tree. I used glue to hold the wings in place and added some googly eyes. I then used paint to add a mouth.

DIY Halloween Bat Ornament

I have more crafts coming up this week so stay tuned and check back.. What crafts have you done for Halloween? Share with me I would love to see them.

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